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  1. Col

    Misery Hill:
    “in the early 13th century, there was a leper hospital close to the junction of modern Townsend Street and Hawkins Street. Sufferers who were unable to gain entrance to the hospital would spend the night at Misery Hill, well away from the town and its citizens.”
    Fumbally Lane is a funny one, with no definitive origin
    I’d like to know where Love Lane got its name.

    1. Otis Blue

      The always great Come Here to Me blog suggests that Fumbally Lane’s origins as ‘The area was home to a significant brewing and distilling presence historically, and the initials ‘JB’ and ‘1836’ can be seen within a modern development complex today, as a remnant of John Busby’s distillery opened in this lane in the 1830s. It is thought that the origins of the name of the laneway can be found in a French Huguenot family of skinners by the name of Fombella, who leased lane in the vicinity in the 1720s’

      More Huguenot curiosities here…


    2. Papi

      Lovers Lane in Cork comes from leper, the colony was kept there in the 12th century, less romantic than people think.

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