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    1. Ollie Cromwell

      What’s wrong now Quentin ?
      Tax cuts and more spending thanks to better than forecast tax receipts
      And Labour still trailing in the polls after all these years of austerity and a disastrous Tory election campaign.
      Spreadsheet Phil had a good budget.
      Dry your eyes,M8.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Actually it’s a line from a song by The Streets and frontman Mike Skinner from Birmingham.
          But other than that ….

  1. missred

    Renua leadership? Ah FFS didn’t think that lot were still going. Or rather, one bloke with a Twitter account in a basement

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s john leahy, a councillor in offaly – notable solely for being ridiculed over his rosa parks and elvis theories

    2. The Old Boy

      As they managed to secure over 2% of first preferences nationally in 2016 (2.2%, in fact) they receive €250,000 annually in government funding for the lifetime of the Dáil. There is no way the party would dissolve when there’s still a few shillings rolling in.

  2. john f

    Offered the leadership of Renua…….. that’s like been handed a pair of aviation goggles by Emperor Hirohito. They have taken a more libertarian stance lately (which I am not against) but the new members should have just started a new party to divorce themselves from the failed toxic image of Renua. Casey would do well to avoid this omnishambles.

    1. SOQ

      I never could get a real handle on Merkel. She is clearly very intelligent but I always seen a contradiction between leading a right wing party and her open door policy towards immigrants. This may come from her experiences in east Germany but it had kicked off a shed load of problems since.

      1. Rob_G

        Not everything right-wing is bad, SOQ, and being pro-immigration (or at least being pragmatic about it, in the case of Merkel) is not the preserve of the left – for example, some of the more hysterical comment the migrant crisis is that it is a right-wing plot to flood the EU with cheap labour to keep wages down. And plenty of Labour voters in Britain, who would regard themselves as left, voted for Brexit, similarly on concerns regarding immigration.

        A position can be both ‘left’ and ‘right’ at the same time, it is not an exact science.

        1. Nigel

          But being concerned that a flood of migrants would drive down wages is, at least, a rational concern. It’s not really equivalent to seeing migrants as a left-wing plot to destroy western culture secretly funded by Soros. Plus if the EU wasn’t a right wing capitalist project to enable the free movement of capital and labour I don’t know what was. It just wasn’t inimical to ideals of human and civil rights.

      2. ralph

        Maybe the plan was cheap migrant labour in a very hostile environment ensuring no one stands up for them
        There was a reason but is Europe so twisted?
        A friend was in puligia in Italy where north African migrant workers are treated in a rather disgraceful manner paid around 20 euro a week after their keep is taken into account
        They live near the fields in shipping containers converted into living accommodation

    1. Otis Blue

      Anyone else finding it hard to understand that Casey made his fortune in the global recruitment and search business; apparently specialising in the placing of high-level executives with many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies?

      I mean, would you buy a second-hand business executive from this man?

  3. Shayna

    It’s Shayna’s birthday today, the E’en of the E’en of All Hallows – perhaps BS will indulge me on recounting the day I met the Preposterous One. It was a Uni thing – in halls he was lost, but not really lost, kinda like the lost boy in the Lost Boys (except taller, with a Dublin accent) . Also, he kinda looked like Luther (Idris Elba) – except he’d offered a different complexion (the caucasion aspect). Enough about me.
    I was going to do something as gailge for prez, “slán abhaile” – is all!

    1. Bonfire of vanity

      A post from Shayna that isn’t all about Shayna would bring more boys to Shayna’s party..
      I understood the first four words.

  4. giggidygoo

    ‘Debt’? CatholicChurch? They’re taking the St.Michael. No doubt quite a few chraw-thumpers will cough up

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Yes I was annoyed reading that too. It says it will be holding the FIFTH WMOF collection at churches in November to pay the remaining E4 million for the papal visit. I don’t know why the faithful didn’t insist that the entire cost was carried by the Vatican instead of harassing OAP’s for the spare change from their pensions that they might be keeping for their fuel bills this winter.

  5. paul

    that’s a big blasphemous middle finger to the church then so.

    I mean, it’s not as big as the middle finger the church has been waving in the faces of the people of Ireland, but it’s a start.

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    Rather like Tony Blair and the Iraq War Merkel undid her reputation with one giant act of hubris.
    Come.You’re all welcome,she said.
    And come in their hundreds of thousands they did.
    From Syria.And Africa.And Afghanistan they came.
    Mainly young men from societies with radically different ideas on the treatment of women and social and religious freedom.
    And with non-existent checks on criminal backgrounds and IDs.
    Germany and other countries across Europe with porous borders will pay a heavy price for decades to come.
    And even before that Merkel’s pursuit of German dominance in the EU at the expense of the economies of Southern Europe was entirely unchecked.
    History has a habit of repeating itself.

    1. Nigel

      Imagine the ethical void it takes to compare starting a catastrophic war based on lies to letting immigrants into your country, even if you think the latter was not a good idea,. You think someone like that actually cares if Brexit is bad? Brexit will be good so long as someone can make money, and since people made money out of the last crash, engineering another as a way to make more is just logical.

  7. Rob_G

    Good move by Renua to offer Casey the leadership gig – it is not as if they have much to lose, and the name recognition would be of immense value (seeing as most voters have probably forgotten that they still exist.). And the lure of being a party leader might swing it for Casey – and now that FF have turned him down, it is probably his best option.

    1. ralph

      I doubt they declared economic war on Irish companies
      More like finally preparing for a hard brexit

      1. johnny

        Its the opening shot from the Brits in a coming economic/trade war,directly targeting Irish companies and will have far reaching effects.

        “It’s possible the bills could be much steeper. According to a Fortune investigation several years ago, Google booked €18 billion in non-US revenue through its Irish subsidiary in 2014. Assuming most of that came from the UK, that would have meant a tax bill of as much as €360 million (£320 million).”


  8. Ollie Cromwell

    Couple that with a low corporate tax rate post-Brexit and you can see why the EU are nervous about the threat of the UK pulling in even more foreign investment than they do now.
    Smart move by Fiscal Phil in a budget that has pre-election giveaway written all over it.

  9. johnny

    Whitey was the OG,much respect and love towards him in the older Irish American ahem “community” :)
    -clearly he was a flawed character……..

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