Meanwhile, At Dublin Airport


This afternoon.

Our Lady Queen of Heaven church, Dublin Airport.

Mourners, including from top: former Irish Olympic chief Pat Hickey, businessman Denis O’Brien and former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at the funeral mass of Mr Ahern’s former advisor Paddy Duffy.


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25 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Dublin Airport

  1. Liam Deliverance

    He is like a Healy-Rae, always lurking at the back of a funeral, anywhere there might a few bob in it for him or someone he can hit up for a favour/bribe going forward.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      There’s photos in the news of an exhumation too. Best avoid the news today completely if offended!

  2. Ian-O

    The great and the good!

    (Seem to have been absent…although am sure Mr Duffy’s family are fine people.)

  3. Panty Christ

    Why is there a church in the middle of prime airport land? A hotel or public transport would be more appropriate no??

    1. hapfff

      because that’s where memorial services are held for those who either die abroad or die during flights.

      this isn’t hard to figure out

    2. Joan Burton

      Because in a great bit of Irishness a precious head of the DAA sold it to the Dublin diocese for £1 on his way out the door and now the church want to add at least six zeros to that to get it back.

  4. Paulus

    The Bert has gotten some mileage outa that jacket/coat thingy.
    The pockets are still bulging I see.

  5. ralph

    I was wondering what rock pat hickey was hiding under
    Wonder did he ever have his life saving medical treatment

      1. the bottler

        Looks fairly spry to me but then I am not a medical expert!
        Bertie’s shoes are a disgrace he needs a few bob extra in pension benefits.

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