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      1. scottser

        Rte are a lot of things, but theyre clearly not to blame for the poor crowds at big frank’s ‘now that’s what i call a eulogy’ tour

        1. Cian

          The totally were.
          If everyone was at the Park – who is watching TV? Nobody.

          However, if they can convince potential park-goers not to go…. they will almost definitely watch it on TV. Ad revenue increases.

          The more people RTE convince not to go, the higher their viewership.

          It’s a no-brainer.

    1. Lilly

      RTE certainly milking it for sympathy on Morning Ireland de Papers. It doesn’t mean that most of the criticism levelled at them is justified.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        looks like it’s soros v the ruskies at this stage with british democracy their plaything – cheered on by jejune dopes like your good self

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          At least our referendum won’t be re-run until the “right” result is achieved after a few idle threats by a short Frenchman, making the country an international laughing stock and signifying the fact that it is Brussels’ plaything.
          The fighting Irish ….

          * Sniggers *

          1. Brother Barnabas

            Is that the time the terms of the treaty were renegotiated to afford specific exclusions in ireland’s case?


          2. Ollie Cromwell

            No,it was the time the prime minister of this country admitted he hadn’t read the Treaty he was asking people to vote for.
            Followed shortly afterwards by inviting the Troika to saddle this country with enormous debt by agreeing to bail out foreign banks.
            Followed by being drunk on air and becoming a laughing stock again.

            Good times ….. “for drunken morons.”

          3. Nigel

            I think the self-ownage of the UK Brexit negotiations being such an abject failure that you’re trying to make this somehow about Ireland is just spectacular.

          4. Brother Barnabas

            sad caricature of himself at this point, repeating same old poopy poo over and over and over – not altogether unlike how the british negotiaters are going back to the EU with the same old poopity ploppers over and over and over

          5. Ollie Cromwell

            Not that you’ll read any of this in the Irish media poodle publications obeying His Master’s Voice.

          6. johnny

            -could not have said it better:)
            “An editor of one Irish newspaper put it even more bluntly. “I don’t give a fupp about Brexit, good luck to you. But just don’t fupp us over. If that border goes up, I’m telling you there will be hell.”
            link above.

          7. Nigel

            Hahaha that’s brilliant. It’s a whole string of UK mistakes, incompetence, and blunders that tries but completely fails to draw an equivalency with the Irish side. The one actual ‘misstep’ on the Irish part is Coveny saying something that annoyed the DUP. Wow, how hard it is to annoy the DUP! Holy God, you can’t even blame FG properly for anything in this farrago, that’s how stupid it all is.

          8. johnny

            oh that was click bait Nigel-great read-its Friday and its been suggested I may lack a sense of humor so…….

          9. Ollie Cromwell

            Nigel and Brother Barnabas.
            The Abbott and Costello of Broadsheet.
            It only needs Papi to come faithfully trotting along soon and they’ll morph into The Three Stooges as usual.

          10. Brother Barnabas

            Not that you’ll read any of this in the Irish media poodle publications obeying His Master’s Voice.”

            what’s in that article that hasn’t already been widely reported? nothing

          11. johnny

            the incompetence of the NI sectary is a revelation, you having a day Bro !
            “Senior officials and political leaders in Dublin and Belfast have few good things to say about the current Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Karen Bradley.
            “The DUP treat her with contempt,” said one official. “Their line is straight to No. 10, to Gavin Barwell [May’s chief of staff].”

          12. Brother Barnabas

            “the incompetence of the NI sectary is a revelation, you having a day Bro !”

            it might be a revelation to you, johnny – it’s old news to everyone else:





            and it’s been all over the mainstream media for ages

          13. Nigel

            Ollie you oughta be ashamed, that’s so weak. The weaknes of it. Almost as weak as the Brexit negotiating team, and that’s weak.

          14. johnny

            on fire Bro:)
            there was I thinking your just a one trick pony-look at those links…..
            can you point out in ALL those links the bit about the DUP and Barwell,who is now efficiently running NI.

          15. Brother Barnabas

            oh i’ve loads of tricks, johnny – most of them involve a tooty tootle, though, so sadly you’ll have to make do with the links

          16. johnny

            -thanks for bombarding me with journal and rte links,when you find that bit about who’s running NI these days, be sure highlight it:)

            -its been my experience that people who talk a BIG game, most time have none…

          17. Brother Barnabas

            “-its been my experience that people who talk a BIG game, most time have none…”


            [starting to realise that you’re not the brightest, johnny, so i’ll keep this is very simple:

            – your claim, which i’m responding to, was: “the incompetence of the NI sectary is a revelation”. the links i posted demonstrate very clearly that this isn’t a revelation.

            – i posted RTE and Journal links to illustrate just how mainstream the coverage of Bradley’s incompetence is… jaysus

            – anything else? i’m getting bored now]

          18. johnny

            -oh they were just a few half hearted jabs, your simply not a worthy opponent,I was actually being ‘nice’ by my standards !

            Your idiotic links:
            RTE-we had a bad meeting.
            IT-same meeting as RTE reported on, gosh your repetitive.

            Journal-lifted from House magazine.
            Guardian-same as Journal piece lifted from House.

            total complete tosh that you found on google- absolute rubbish.
            stick to your juvenile sexual fantasies-as always thanks for your contribution Bro.

          19. Brother Barnabas

            yeah right- back to your walter mitty pastimes and your pathetic FOI threats

            and figure out “your” and “you’re”, will you? it’s not that hard – but it makes you look like an uneducated twit

          20. Ollie Cromwell

            It’s instructive how quickly some posters turn to abuse when they’ve been found out.
            Almost as if they suffer from chronically low self-esteem.
            Let’s keep the bantz civil lads.

          21. johnny

            Walter Mitty-while you may consider your ‘exchanges’ with Millie lighthearted and witty, where I’m at they are borderline sexual harassment and stalking,if you worked for me and carried on like that with any female member off staff,you would have been fired a long time ago.
            Your links are ridiculous,did you even read them,repetitive rubbish.

          22. johnny

            All of it actually,its almost 2019 your a caricature or a trowback,to a different Ireland and world, where woman are objectified and subjected to endless ‘harmless’ banter, from impotent,size challenged ‘lads’ .You perpetuate and try normalize behavior thats correctly outlawed.

          23. Johnny

            Your links certainly are,the journal and guardian are directly lifted from the in house parliamentary magazine House,they acknowledge and credit it-if you’d bothered read them,you would have just linked The House piece which is way better.
            RTE/IT links are regarding the same bad meeting,none your links point out the direct line to No 10 that the DUP have.
            But yeah let’s get back to your sex life..
            While in your mind your banter is harmless,it’s not actually at all,it’s why various laws have been passed,but carry on like its 1960, the gals and lads,all love your witty sexual innuendos,they just love it……

  1. Lilly

    Tudor Lawns, Foxrock, in the news. Heretofore known only for the savagery they mete out to the cars of working stiffs who have the temerity to park in their estate.

          1. Lilly

            They’re certainly not familiar with the concept of the public road and are very light fingered around traffic cones, Tudor Lawns dwellers, that is.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Of course they do because they hate women! This is straight out of the American Antichoice handbook, so it’s clear to see where the American cash is being funnelled, now that Iona is a busted flush.

  2. johnny

    Goldman Sachs operates in Ireland under various nom de guerre’s (bit like SOQ) including,Ennis Property Finance, Beltany Property Finance and Liffey Acquisitions,which owns Kenmare Property Finance.They have been in the news for their aggressive tactics in pursuing borrowers,applying for 66 High Court summary judgments against borrowers so far in 2018,and their aversion to Irish tax.

    They are also somewhat infamous here in NY,for operating the revolving door at Treasury,with Cohen the latest to serve in an administration, he was rumored to be one the main sources for Bob Woodward’s recent, very controversial book depicting the administration and White House as deeply flawed.So far they have avoided any charges in this case, with intense lobbying, however the ‘word’ on the street is the crimes are so egregious that its still a possibility, which is very surprising for the most connected and influential firm.

    London once again was the headquarters for this international fraud, with the city over run these days with dodgy characters all looking make a fast buck.The leading man here is on the run in China,he is the financier behind Wolf Wall Street-there is voluminous reporting stateside on this,with GS getting it right between the eyes.These charges are what the players in Project Eagle (NAMA) may face……..

    Quite a lot the great reporting on this is behind paywalls, but I will link one two better pieces.

    “In early 2012, according to allegations in court filings, following a series of meetings in Malaysia and the United Kingdom, Low, Leissner, Ng and the co-conspirators agreed that, with the assistance of the Financial Institution, 1MDB would issue $1.75 billion in bonds guaranteed by an entity wholly owned and controlled by the government of Abu Dhabi. Low allegedly explained to Ng, Leissner and others at the time that, to complete the transaction, bribes would need to be paid to officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi and, as alleged, hundreds of millions of dollars were actually paid to officials in these countries. Low, Ng, Leissner and other co-conspirators also knew that Low intended to use funds misappropriated from the bond transaction to bribe and influence the officials to obtain the necessary approvals and any additional assistance needed to execute Project Magnolia for the Financial Institution and to pay kickbacks to Ng, Leissner and others.”


  3. Ollie Cromwell

    You can always rely on the Irish Times to misjudge the mood of Irish people who left this country for the mainland in their tens of thousands specifically to get away from such bigotry.

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