‘The Changes Are Not About Making Money’


Ryanair will charge for hand luggage starting today

Passengers who refuse to pay extra for “Priority” will only be permitted to travel with one small bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) free of charge.

Previously, the airline allows all customers to travel with two items of hand luggage: one small bag and one large bag (no bigger than 55x40x20cm and no heavier than 10kg). However, if they are “Non-Priority”, the larger bag is taken at the gate and put in the hold free of charge.

Passengers are now faced with a decision. Travel with just a small bag; pay the Priority fee (which costs from €6 per person per flight at the time of booking or €8 during online check-in); or pay €8 per person per flight to check in their 10kg bag

The airline claims the changes are not about making money, but about speeding up the boarding process and reducing delays.

Ryanair’s baggage policy changes today – here’s what you need to know (Independent.ie)

Ryanair will CHARGE for hand luggage starting TODAY – this is everything you need to know (Daily Star)

Illustration: Daily Star


Niall M Dowd tweetz:

Ryanair have released size guidelines for their new carry on luggage rule.

Ah now.

16 thoughts on “‘The Changes Are Not About Making Money’

    1. ReproButina

      Just checked and an A4 page is 30cm (almost) x 21cm so it won’t fit in a 35cm x 20cm x 20cm bag unless folded.

      1. ReproButina

        According to their website the small personal bag you can carry on board is 40x20x25cm max which will take a laptop or an A4 page. Where did the 35x20x20cm thing come from?

          1. Nigel

            Create miniature facsimile of the places you wish to visit and the people you wish to meet then stomp them like Godzilla

  1. Ciuncainteach

    What a load of boo boos.

    Their ‘priority’ queue system is the cause of their slow boarding process. I’m surprised that airport authorities haven’t told them to sort these issues out already, as they’re the ones dealing with the cost.

  2. BS

    the only thing that slows down boarding is people losing all sense of direction and common sense as soon as they step foot inside an airport!

    airports are simple. take your liquids out and put them in the little bag while you queue for security. after security, pack your bag back up at the little table they give you instead of standing in the way.
    when you go to board, you need your boarding pass and passport, open it before you hand it to the person, like they ask on the announcements.

    every one will thank you in their heads…unless they arent paying attention….which is probably the case as they are in an airport

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