11 thoughts on “The School Run

  1. SOQ

    Traffic congestion goes way up when schools are back. Why do they all have to start at the one time? Their opening hours can be staggered elsewhere so why not here? Of course bringing back good old fashioned school buses would do no harm either.

    1. kellMA

      They do stagger them where I live. So the secondary school starts at 830am, the educate together primary starts at 845am and the gaelscoil starts at 9 am. all those schools are right beside each other so it would be a complete chaotic nightmare if they all started at the same time. I’d say there would be car accidents to beat the band…

      1. SOQ

        Well I know of one town where all four schools start at 9. It goes from free flow to grid lock depending on the school calendar. In another, two very large second level schools on a main road right besides each other start at exactly the same time.

        It is common sense to stagger because it makes life easier for students, parents and especially the rest of us. Even moving all of them to a 8:15 / 8:30 start would ease the situation because it is before the rush half hour where people are trying to get to work for 9.

  2. Liam

    it would also evaporate if the offices and shops all closed for the week – what’s your point. Kids have to go to school.

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