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  1. jusayinlike

    3 day week Jaguar Land Rover,

    3 day week Mini plant,

    3 day week Ford plant,

    Marvelous indeed.

    1. DeKloot

      I did some consulting years back for a large manufacturing company that was a day away from shuttering the plant and relocating to the Czech Republic – a particularly nasty break down in industrial relations. Anyways, just outside the city approximately 40 heavy load artics were lined up ready for the breakdown of all the plant and other equipment. Point is if and when they take a decision to ship out it will happen blazingly quick and with great efficiency. Guaranteed there’s a detailed contingency already in place with sites in Europe lined up. And trucks.

      1. SOQ

        Absolutely. Modern plants are always designed to be mobile, right down to the physical bullrings which are constructed to be deconstructed very quickly.

          1. morris

            It was also I remember Packard electric that were making circuit boards for Opel
            That moved over a couple of weeks and as I remember minister harney was no place to be found as the doo doo hit the fan
            Then was it Intel or another company that moved production to Poland and the work force here had to train all the polish work force how to do their jobs
            The common denominator was all state backed with tax breaks and grants

          2. SOQ

            Same happened to Lotus (Notes) out at the airport after it was bought by IBM in the late nineties. Some were sent to Beijing to train staff there. The amount of workers in the new site was just under half what was in Dublin and they were paid less than a tenth of the wages.

    2. SOQ

      No not marvellous, sad. These poor people are feeling the first wave of this madness and there will be plenty more of it to come. Jaguar are already dropping hints about moving plant to Poland.

    3. Ollie Cromwell

      And nothing at all to do with the collapse in deisel sales and a drop off in the Chinese market ?
      You really are an ignorant buffoon.

      1. jusayinlike

        Rubbish. VAG, Merc and BMW aren’t shutting plants or reducing their output to a 3 day week.

        It could be JLR’s rubbish english designers or their I’ll advised late forray into diesel.

  2. johnny

    Generally I try avoid linking articles behind paywalls, but some best reporting is often there.In this weeks Phoenix there is a profile of Cosgrave which again, highlights the almost 1 million free money, that various state agencies gave Paddy to get started.

    “This was magnified when Goldhawk revealed at the time that Web Summit had received around €935,000 from various state bodies, including Enterprise Ireland, the IDA and Fáilte Ireland (see The Phoenix, 9/10/15).”


    There has be a better more efficient and dare I say it ‘modern’ way of seeding start up Irish event companies.I’m delighted this has all worked out so well for Cosgrave and also wish that Ireland week in LA all the best, but the return to the Irish state from FREE money is zero-why ?
    It’s commonly accept practice in seeding start ups to take a piece the equity or a ‘lottery’ ticket (warrants), that in the long run if they are successful investors (irish state) get a return,why is the Irish state,still so financially illiterate.
    If these companies balk at these types terms,fine get FREE money somewhere else, plenty will accept reasonable market based terms for start up capital.They very people who scream from the rooftops about ‘free housing’ seem to have no problem with the various irish sate companies committing your money, FREE to well connected, small time, inexperienced Irish American PR companies.

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