Staying In Tomorrow?


Jason McAteer

On The Ray Darcy Show

Fergus McCormack writes:

From the creators of Love/Hate comes new Irish crime drama Taken Down. Ray will be joined by three of the stars, Brian Gleeson, Lynn Rafferty, and Aïssa Maïga who will take us the behind the scenes of one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year.

Ray talks to by one Ireland’s most loved football heroes and ambassador for mental health, Jason McAteer.

To celebrate 10 years of collaborations, Ray will be joined by Brendan Courtney and Sonya Lennon, as they look back on their time on Off The Rails and how this led to the launch of the hugely popular Lennon Courtney clothing range. Brendan’s mother Nuala will also join Ray to chat about their upcoming RTÉ One documentary, We Need to Talk about Mam.

And Mary Coughlan joins Ray to talk about her most ambitious project yet which sees her team up with Bjork’s producer in a theatre production about her own life story.

Let me hear you say Rayo hey ho.

*long pause*

Never mind.

The Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ One tomorrow at 9.35pm

Pic: RTE

8 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. Ian-O

    Outside of soccer, knew little to nothing about McAteer but after looking at this article and then having a quick scan through some of the reports about his new role, I have a new respect for the guy coming out with his own personal struggles.

    Still not watching Tubridy though…..

    1. Brother Barnabas

      mcateer is definitely one of the good ones

      i know a guy who was a (ultimately unsuccessful) trainee at Liverpool when mcateer was there. goes on and on about how mcateer was the nicest, most helpful, most generous pro he ever came across

  2. morris

    I can see the new crime series eagerly awaited by the producers of love hate being exactly like ground hog day meets love hate series 3
    A city full of bent coppers and every criminal called nidge

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