What You’ll be Wearing Next Season


In Coppers.


Amy Darcy writes:

To celebrate the Littlewoods Ireland winter collection, Ireland’s leading online department store has collaborated with four of the most recognisable faces in GAA for the #StyleOfPlay Winter Edit.

The line-up includes, from top: former camogie player turned dancing sensation Anna Geary, Waterford’s most stylish hurler Austin Gleeson, nine-time All-Ireland champion and sporting pundit Jackie Tyrrell, , as well as media darling and Tipperary Minor team physio Lauren Guilfoyle….

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24 thoughts on “What You’ll be Wearing Next Season

    1. Boj

      Yes it looks stupid, but it’s great craic seeing them all try to out-metro each other. Only last week I saw this over-buff bloke in skinny slacks well above his bare ankles, a gigantic pair of those canal boat shoes, a bet on shirt with at least half of them open and a brown tweed blazer…and women seem to go for this??? Pass those Werthers please….and a bottle of jemmy too!

      1. Paulus

        I’ll take the Werthers and the Jemmy too:

        There are clothing fads that look stylish – and there are those that look plain cack.
        The metro guys, and gals, are totally in thrall to “Influencers” (God help us) and “Cool Hunters”
        The fact that many of these inspirations are uncomfortable, cold (literally), look badly made, poor fitting, etc etc only seems to add to the appeal.
        Yes yes I know; Old Codger opinions, and yes there have been some historical fashion trends that are best forgotten, but these days many of these fads fail on every level – except for the ability to sell shitty, slave-labour produced product at obscene mark-up,to sheeple who should know better.

        Naomi Klein’s “No Logo” should be on the second-level curriculum.

    2. morris

      Apparently its the Essex style most probably started by Joey Essex
      Was at a wedding this year where the groom and family came over from Essex
      Another thing as the skinny jeans
      Made me chuckle because my mama used to chuckle at ballet dancers
      They actually looked like they were wearing cod pieces the whole day all I could do was fixate on the sockless shoes
      Even the groom wore no socks

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          I hear they’ve built a Spire since my last visit to town.

          (yes, I call it town because I’m a Dub.
          Because that’s what it is)

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I’m not a Dub and I call it town too. Is it called something else by the youth of today?

    1. missred

      I was going to say exactly that, that awful frumpy two piece Anna Geary is wearing appears in every Dunnes Christmas leaflet. Burgundy velvet, eurgh

  1. Spud

    If you go out into town and manage to stay awake past your bedtime, it can be difficult in getting a taxi home.
    Some poor folk have said they had to wait up to an hour.
    At least it will feel like the good old days…

  2. A Person

    I certainty would take either of the 2 ladies out for a nice supper….Not that I would have a hope.

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