11 thoughts on “All Mod Cons For €1,200 Per Month

  1. TheQ47

    Any sign of kitchen facilities? Bathroom/ Shower/ WHB/ Sink?

    If they’re not showing them, I must assume that they’re either REALLY grim, or don’t exist.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    A mish mash of dated, secondhand furniture from the 90’s dumped in a space for €1200pm? Every time one of these is posted, I thank all the higher powers that I got out of Dublin when I did. This is hideous in every way.

  3. Dhod

    As mentioned with previous grim Rathmines rental opportunity last week-Up until 2013/2014 I was paying €1200pm for a nice modern two storey apartment in Rathmines and felt it was extortionate. Someone should arrange a viewing, lock themselves in the studio, poo on the floor and run. This landlord deserves some misery in their life

  4. GuessWho

    The estate agent, Buckley, seem to be a new player who specialises in these overpriced shoeboxes. Buckley’s seem to be the go to agent for this kind of adverts. Anyone?

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