Taylor Retires


Former head of the Garda Press Office Supt Dave Taylor

Shane Phelan, in the Irish Independent, reports:

A disgraced garda superintendent heavily criticised by the Disclosures Tribunal for his role in a campaign to smear whistleblower Maurice McCabe has retired from the force.

Former Garda press officer Dave Taylor ceased being a member of An Garda Síochána as of midnight last night after a retirement request was approved by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

He will receive a full pension and will not now face a disciplinary investigation over the tribunal’s findings.

Disgraced garda superintendent who was heavily criticised by Disclosures Tribunal retires on full pension (Shane Phelan, Irish Independent)

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23 thoughts on “Taylor Retires

    1. Tom

      Such a nonsense view to take. Of course he’s going to get his pension. Why would he lose that entitlement after paying into it his whole career? It doesn’t matter if he’s sacked or whatever.

      And why would he be expected to attend an innternal disciplinary hearing when he doesn’t work there any more?

      Use your brains ffs.

      1. CoderNerd

        He should have been demoted for his behaviour and left with the pension he is entitled to for that position.

        1. Tom

          Another great mind. Ok so how would he be demoted? There would have to be some kind of internal hearing. Too late for that.

          1. CoderNerd

            Don’t accept his retirement until after disciplinary proceedings or let him quit and take whatever consequences that holds.

            Your tone is childish.

  1. CoderNerd

    And people claim the gardai need reforming. What nonsense.
    It’s not as if they did absolutely nothing about an excess of 1.5 million false breath tests submitted by serving members.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    The problem isn’t Taylor retiring, it’s Harris accepting it before diciplinary procedures are started. So much for Harris being an outsider, with these antics, he’s bedding himself in quite nicely with the rest of the boys.

    1. Tom

      Why would he be forced to stay in a job? Resign or retire it makes no odds. He’s entitled to his pension.

      1. LeopoldGloom

        He gives up the states share of what they added up through what was no more than criminal behaviour from him. He should get what he contributed back, but nothing more.

          1. Cian

            Maybe we could create an Internet Justice League!

            Like proper super-heroes, but, sort of, online? and without any actual superpowers. And we pontificate on things that happen around the world, and make snide comments. But then, what we decide is legally binding on the governments of the world. It’ll be awesome!!!

            Hands up who wants to be a member of the IJL?

          2. LeopoldGloom

            He didn’t carry out the duties of his job in the manner he should have. He lied. In other countries he would have been fired, and imprisoned. He deserves nothing.

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