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Here is a fantastic (but somewhat morbid), interactive map illustrating all the deaths in Dublin during Irish Civil War 1922-23. Compiled by John Dorney  and on the great The Irish Story website.

View the map here

Top pic via The Irish at War

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      1. Clampers Outside!

        Galway via Dublin by bus from Waterford… It’s quicker than via Limerick.

        20 yrs living in Dublin I never bothered to get a driving licence as I was so central.
        I did have a car for a year, but only did about 20 miles in it, mostly learning in Phoenix Park… :)

      2. Clampers Outside!

        I am getting lessons again now though.

        The car I had in Dublin, I bought off my brother for €800, who bought it off another brother, who bought it from my sister. A lovely little red 1.3ltr Honda Civic.
        in the year I had it, I replaced two wing mirrors and at least three windows, let the tax and insurance run out (so I guess, I had it over a year) and ended up paying. a fine for non-tax while parked on the street.
        I had turned over the engine every few weeks to keep her alive. But the poor thing had weeds growing under it, and after the second fine I bit the bullet, and coughed up another €800 to get it serviced.
        The guy in the garage said it was in fine nick, and so I got her home, looking super. I parked it up, went to bed, and said…. “I’ll tax and insure that in the morning”.
        Got up the next day… and she was gone! Used in a robbery up on North Circular Road. An off duty cop, stumbled upon the robbery and played have-a-go hero. Poor guy had his face slashed with a knife.
        They caught the f*****s, thankfully.
        The car was to be impounded during investigations, and I was finger printed to remove me from the evidence collected, apparently.
        I enquired as to the state of her, and was told, “they drive the hell out of the gearbox”. My Dad, a mechanic, told me it’s cost another €400+ to fix that, and said I was better off leaving it with them, so I did. I’d no where to put it, and with tax and insurance, I’d have needed a couple of grand to get it back on the road.
        My Dad made, what I believe was an accidental pun, told me, after hearing of the poor Garda’s fate… “it has bad karma, best leave it”… I did chuckle (sorry, Mr Garda). I filled out papers, and left it with the Gardai.
        Two years later, I got a call from Killmainham Garda station, “do you own a red honda civic, number plate xxx”, “no” says I, “I signed that over to you guys”. “It’s still in the yard, if you want it” says he.
        I would have said yes, I had somewhere to put it, but again, I didn’t have the €2k to get her going.

        Moral of the story…. learn to drive, before buying a car :)
        I’m doing that now!

        (ps I’ve driven a Porsche round Mondello, and done car trials in a stripped down Mini, but i’m not yet a “road safe” driver, but getting there, albeit “bloody slowly” says my wife :) )

        1. BS

          you should take long bus journeys more often.

          that was a thrilling read. genuinely better than anything RTE have put out in the last 10 years.

        2. Spaghetti Hoop

          To be honest, I could never understand why people don’t learn to drive. Colleague of mine in his 30s said why learn when you have the Luas? That’s all well and good till you’ve a wedding or house party / soiree to go to in the shticks and you have to start cadging a lift. You are never an independent being if you have to time your comings and goings with those of your driver. You don’t have to own and run a car but driving is kind of an essential life skill. Just my thoughts – maybe not all’s. Good luck with the lessons, Clamps.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            have you noticed that it tends to be creative / artistic people who can’t or don’t drive?

          2. Peter Dempsey

            I have noticed this. Don’t get sucked in by them. Once I saw a thread on thumped titled “Is driving punk?”

          3. Cian

            Does Clampers post help you understand why people don’t learn? or do you still not understand?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Four lads blew themselves up by their own land mine on Blackhorse Bridge.
      British soldier accidentally shot his comrade in Richmond Barracks.
      Lot of abductions going on all over the place.
      What a brutal time.

  1. Vanessa off the Telly

    That some piece of work
    Fair play Mr Dorney

    BTW it would make a great History Project if anyone as secondary school going kids

    Irish History is sadly neglected within their curriculums

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