31 thoughts on “Fire City

    1. bort

      How much is Fair City paying these days? In fairness the guy does every second voice over on Radio, After Emmet Kirwin

        1. rotide

          Have a good voice.
          Be able to take direction.

          1 is luck, the second is probably far beyond the ability of anyone here judging by the nature of most comments

    1. Nigel

      Orrrr… Irish actor is in California where lots of films are made. And which occasionally erupts into flames, as the prophecy foretold.

  1. Jeffrey

    How much is that dude making at FairCity? Find it hard to believe it can pay for a Malibu home, maybe the dude was on holiday?

  2. rotide

    Ah the sweet smell of begrudgery in the morning.

    The absolute CHEEK of this guy moving to another country for unspecified reasons. RTE must be paying him too much

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