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Clockwise from top left: UK Prime Minister Theresa May; former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, DUP Leader Arlene Foster and Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom

This afternoon.

Theresa May and her Tory Cabinet ministers are in No 10 Downing Street to discuss a draft Brexit deal agreed by UK and EU negotiators.

The British Prime Minister told MPs in the House of Commons that the Brexit agreement reached by negotiators took the UK “significantly closer to delivering on what the British people voted for in the referendum.”

More as we get it.



This afternoon.

“I know for the unionist community in Northern Ireland this is quite a difficult time. Many of them may be feeling vulnerable, many of them might be feeling isolated and many of them may be quite worried about what may be agreed in the coming days.

I want to say to them the GFA [Good Friday agreement] will be protected and that includes a recognition that we respect the territory of the United Kingdom and that we respect the principle of consent, that there can be no change to the constitutional status of Northern Ireland unless a majority of Northern Ireland say so and we are very happy to have that written into any agreement.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Brexit Deal Live (The Guardian)

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26 thoughts on “Squeaky Bum Time

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    That’s quite clever from Varadkar; addressing the Unionists as ‘vulnerable’ (they’re gonna love THAT), and then reassuring them that the GFA will be protected….knowing full well the GFA is not their top priority!

    1. Eoin

      Yep, plus he said tomorrow morning, he will be briefing the SDLP, Alliance and Greens (not the Ulster Unionists!). Imagine that, the leader of the Free State sticking his nose into Northern Ireland affairs.

      Looks like Leo is trying to keep his promise not to leave Northern nationalists behind (Alliance and Greens aren’t aligned but they are anti-Brexit).

      Fair dues Leo!

  2. Vanessa off the Telly

    They’re falling over themselves on the Twitter congratulating Tony Connelly

    TBF he provided great Brexit reports
    But his biggest achievement for me

    Was P1 ssing off that knob Mog

        1. SOQ

          Responses on that tweet included @anxiousjimmy who said

          Its not good journalism it is direct leaks from the Irish government. If the BBC had followed the same model there would outrage

          Difference is the British opinion on Brexit is now looking like one of those courgette spaghetti low carb things you try once from Sainsbury or M&S.

          Lidl is doing a really nice seaweed one at the mo btw.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Moggy was fuming because the draft Agreement was shared with RTE, Connelly running with it, before the Beeb. His words; “the text was shared with the Irish national broadcaster RTE first and not the BBC. … it is discourteous to the nation”.

  3. Eoin

    Speaking of “squeaky bum time”, the #thisisnotconsent protests in Dublin and Cork are now making international headlines. Protesters are waving thongs in reference to last week’s rape trial acquittal, and to hammer home the message that clothes don’t give consent.

  4. SOQ

    Looks like the DUP are being told to F.O.so. In my experience, when meetings run so over schedule the main reason is that there is no other posers who need to be seen entering and exiting the room.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Why do you think they’re having the Summit do on the 25th November?
      A Sunday?

      The Sabbath

      Not even I could have come up with a better F U for them

  5. McVitty

    What few here or elsewhere have calculated is the fact the EU do not want a precedent of a country leaving. If that was in focus, things would be very different. Exit mechanism was introduced under Lisbon Treaty but was probably more of a token gesture to alleviate concerns from Euroskeptics. Nationally, the cultural reaction to Brexit begs the question as to whether UK functions as a democracy or even as a civil society, nevermind whether there is a democratic will to represent the majority. Again, silence on these is deafening.

    UK will stay in the customs union indefinitely so not a clear or hard Brexit. Better to have no deal and go by the WTO rules. Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein all share borders with multiple countries so what makes this so hard then? Apart from the insult of trying to leave. After a 40 year marriage I suppose you are more likely to get a boot in the face when it ends, than say having a non-committal relationship.

    On the same day, the news is dominated by talk of an EU-wide army, despite the assurances they gave us in recent years lovely – and don’t expect FG to make a fuss about how this compromises Irish neutrality as they find ways to transpose their EPP positions to a national position.

    Maybe we should be allowed to be critical of the EU without being called Europhobes…so that they are forced to listen and work for our interests….but no…and we get the politicians we deserve at a higher, dangerous/ideological power-mad level.

    1. Cian

      There are somewhere between 208 and 275 public border crossing across the 499 km border between Ireland & NI.
      This is more than the 137 land border crossings to the east of the EU.
      And far more than the 119 border crossings that exist between Canada and the United States, the world’s longest international border (8,891 km).
      There are only 94 crossing between Switzerland and the EU (1,852 km).

      It’s kinda different.

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