22 thoughts on “Two Bunk-Beds, One Bedroom Apartment

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Spotahome were the shower recently trying to pimp someone’s badly renovated alleyway. They don’t care what they advertise once they get their cut from the rental.

      1. Starina

        Daft do, but Spotahome don’t seem to have the option.

        I’ve reported a lot of Daft properties in my angst.

        1. George

          The list of reasons is below. Technically you can report violations of regulations under “other” but the fact that this is not an option in its own right shows that Daft don’t really care that much.

          Wrong Address: Ad has wrong address
          Duplicate: Identical to another ad on-site
          Mis-Classified: Ad is in the wrong section
          Inaccurate: No longer available / price changed
          Photo Issue: Photos are inappropriate or do not belong to this property
          Spam: Ad description is not for this property
          Mapping: Property is mapped inaccurately
          Scam: Ad looks fraudulent
          Equality Guidelines: Ad contains discriminatory content
          Other: Other reason, please specify

  2. Starina

    looks like one set of bunk beds is in the living room as well — that’s not a proper door between it and the kitchen.

  3. TheQ47

    They do seem to be two separate bedrooms, though. Look at the floor plan on the site, look at the photos shown above, which clearly show two separate rooms. There is a set of bunk beds in each room, but they are separate rooms.
    It’s still far too small in my opinion for four people to share. According to the floor plan the total area is 53.45sqm, which is smaller than the regulations of 73sqm for a two-bed apt. The living/dining/kitchen area is only 14.82 sqm, smaller than that required for a two-bed apt of 30sqm (see https://www.housing.gov.ie/sites/default/files/publications/files/apartment_guidelines_21122015.pdf)
    EDIT: Looking again, it seems like Bedroom 1 is also the living room, and no way of closing it off from the kitchen, so therefore it couldn’t really be called a bedroom.
    This is surely illegal.

  4. Hank

    Hmmmm, where did my comment go?
    I do wonder what the hell is going on with Broadsheet sometimes – who exactly is pulling the strings..?

  5. Emily Dickinson

    They’re probably breaking twenty different fire and planning regulations, but at least they spent a fiver on plants.

  6. Melissa

    Hi there, Melissa from Spotahome here.

    This is in fact a two-bedroom apartment. The Tweet this article is based on was mis-informed and only gave half the story.

    The Property is, in fact, a two-bedroom apartment. The listing clearly states the property is suitable also for students, Erasmus etc. It does not state only professionals. It also goes on state that the landlord is willing to replace the bunk beds for double beds on request, depending on the length of stay.

    You can visit the original listing here: https://www.spotahome.com/dublin/for-rent:apartments/156529

    Happy to answer any further questions via hello@spotahome.com

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