‘An Acid Drop Ad Campaign?’


What about the CHILDREN?

Liveline tweetz:

Is the Irish Book Awards running an Acid Drop Ad Campaign? Alice says this image is “mimicking someone taking an acid tab….Why are they normalizing illegal drug taking and linking reading with getting high? Preposterous. Ignorant. Dangerous.”


An Post Irish Book Awards

41 thoughts on “‘An Acid Drop Ad Campaign?’

    1. Starina

      Shame on Alice for having impure thoughts and seeing drugs instead of the body of Christ. six hail Marys, twenty Our Fathers.

  1. Rob_G

    Will definitely be listening back to Liveline later on; can’t wait to hear Joe pontificating on about in faux-concern, whipping his elderly callers into a frenzy of moral righteousness :)

    … god, I love Liveline.

    1. Dhaughton99

      2 minutes in and I wanted to punch the radio. Had to turn off. That and PBH is standing in for Joe. Can’t listen to him.

  2. Spud

    ‘Alice’ says..

    Maybe Alice should take a good look through the looking glass and understand many books normalise drug use.

  3. Rob_G

    Come on Alice, there’s loads of things that that could be apart from taking acid – a post-oral sex scene, for example.

  4. SOQ

    Ha. Last story I heard about acid was a bunch of lads who went to Prague on a stag do. One of them soaked a piece of paper in it to take as ‘a bit of a laugh’.

    Except he had no idea what he was doing and all 8 of them spent 3 days wandering around saucer eyed, ohhing and ahhing at gothic architecture.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          cant claim to be an expert, hoop, but i’ll do my best: a flying buttress (or an arc boutant as Janet might say) is a specific form of buttress composed of an arched structure that extends from the upper portion of a wall to a pier of great mass, in order to convey to the ground the lateral forces that push a wall outwards, which are forces that arise from vaulted ceilings of stone and from wind-loading on roofs

          why do you ask?

          1. Papi

            D’ja ever think that if it wasn’t for elevators, the penthouse would be for the poorest tenants in a building?
            No. Cos you only think about yourself.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Why do we press harder on the remote when we know the batteries are flat?

            Why do I always have to touch it to check when I see a wet paint sign ?

  5. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    I thought it looked like one of those Listerine things that you put on your tongue, do they still exist?

      1. Ronan

        Trips or listerine things?

        They both existed here at one point, there was some intense bang off a listerine strip if you were already on acid?

        Great to have in your pocket when you’re tripping balls all weekend and haven’t brushed your teeth, nevermind showered (the trick for the latter was a homeless bath using wet wipes)

  6. Ronan

    I must have consumed over 100 trips in my early 20s. Stories of spacing out beyond control are somewhat overblown – it’s usually the incredible amount of drink you can consume while tripping which does the damage. A few drinks helps you balance out, but you could easily be drinking a pint every 20 minutes.

    Good times. My last hoorah involved me buying a sheet of 50 hoffman 100s. It was the best of acid, it was the worst of acid. I mistakenly doubled one weekend and had a pretty mental 4 hours when they peaked, but the infinite zoom my eyes developed provided hours of entertainment watching little men with picks and yellow hats working away on a buddies skull amidst his receding follicles. I also developed an obsession with nautical themes during this couple of hours which lasted for the rest of my trips.

    Good times, good times. Properly messed up for 8 hours, for a fiver, the only greater bargain in all of the world of intoxication is free mushrooms off the ground. And you have an appetite on trips so you can eat your 3 square meals which really helps with the recovery process. You might even be able to return to productivity by Tuesday.

      1. Papi

        I once fell into a thorny bush while on mushies and it was the most terrifying awful experience ever. I felt every single one enter my parchment thin skin. My mates were also perplexed, but for widely different reasons.
        It also took us about three hours to buy a bag of cola bottles.

        1. scottser

          My mates often retell the story of me crying for two hours while tripping because i couldnt roll a joint.

          1. Ronan

            I thought i was dying on mushrooms one night until I stopped the Leonard Cohen cd that was playing. That only left the other problem which was that the couch was trying to suck me into the cushions.

  7. A Person

    I actually heard it. Alice is a trained psycho analysis working with kids; she was rather full of herself. She actually called a national radio station to complain that the ad promoted drugs to young people. She must have been tripping.

  8. kellMA

    FGS….. has she never heard of the expression ” she eats books” for an avid reader. That was my first thought when I saw this.

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