This afternoon.

Inchicore, Dublin 8.

Harry Warren writes:

In light of the gubberment’s proposals to encourage electric cars and street side charging points. Is the photo showing an environmentally minded citizen taking direct action with a bit of do it yourself charging? Or perhaps the car engine is powering the electrical needs of the house? I think we should be told…


12 thoughts on “Adaptable

      1. Plumbob

        In Scandinavia a lot of people have a set up like this with a heater mounted in their car’s passenger footwell, they plug it in for a few mins in the morning.

    1. Joe

      Why not just take out the battery instead of creating a trip hazard and possible electrocution hazard. Very foolish and could get sued.

  1. Hob Knob

    The owner of the car is obviously powering the house off the car and powering the car off the house.
    Classic Fr Ted physics, and the gas is free.

  2. ____

    Hmm…I wonder how big a problem this is going to be when all the people with on-street parking get electric cars. Looks like a real nuisance. There’ll be plenty of elderly people with broken hips and people in wheelchairs will be just poo out of luck.

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