The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year


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All we ask from you is a tune we can play at an unspecified time next week.

This week’s theme: The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year.

What new release or newly discovered oldie or song performed live made your musical 2018 memorable?

To enter, complete this sentence:

‘The very best thing I’ve heard all year is___________________owing to its________________’

Lines MUST close at 9.45pm MIDNIGHT!

All entries will be included in a lovingly-curated Broadsheet Spotify playlist.

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50 thoughts on “The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year

  1. Brother Barnabas

    ‘The very best thing I’ve heard all year is that, as it happens, the backstop is legally binding owing to its ball-squeeze excruciation to ollie/charger’

  2. Odockatee

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is Oom Sha La La by Haley Heynderickx owing to its very lo-fi chilled sound to begin with, then a lovely harmony on the chorus that gives you an aural hug with crescendo of her screaming “I need to start a garden”. Its just class. And I have a recency bias. Otherwise it would be Mother by Idles’

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is Me and My Friends by James Vincent McMurrow owing to its Poptastic sunniness.

  4. An Madra Uisce

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is Total Football, the first track from Parquet Courts album Wide Awake, owing to its message of collectivism and critique of modern america. It’s a banger of a tune with great pacing, some good shouty bits and one of the all time great closing lyrics. Nice Panini style vidjo too.

  5. Liam

    Always difficult to single out one tune, but I very much enjoyed Beach House’s recent album “7” which saw them making a slight change in direction. Opening track “Dark Spring” is a good example of the shoegazy dreampop vibe of the whole album.

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    The very best thing I heard all year is, Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby by Cigarettes after sex, owing to it’s phrase, “whispered something in your ear,it was a perverted thing to say, but I said it anyway, made you smile and look away ” as this is basically how I roll even though I usually prefer something with a beat and a base as a back drop to busting a move.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      ok the other very best thing I have heard all year is Stay So by Busy Signal owing to it’s if you can’t get down to that on the dancefloor or wherever else ye fancy you’re made of stone

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        how many very bests are we allowed ?
        there is no ONE !
        playlist titles, running, cleaning,chilling, The dreaded Dart, de bedroom, road trip, stuff you can’t admit you like, rose tinted glasses tracks,
        and they all have One best !

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        hey where did Papi’s link go ?
        how can a song with that much food in it be offensive ?

  7. fez

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is KCTMO by Pozi owing to the lyrics blaming the Grenfell tower fire on the management company (KCTMO) while mourning the victims, backed by a Sleaford mods style bassline and eerie violins. A bold start to a new London band’s career.

  8. Stan

    Insecure Men – I Don’t Want to Dance with my Baby. Manages to sound utterly depraved without there being anything really rude to put your finger on

  9. The Real Shrimply Pibbles

    The Best thing I’ve heard all year is The Poison Tree by The Good, The Bad, and The Queen owing to its beautiful melancholic melody and the most heart breaking string section you’ll hear all year.


    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is seven sticks of dynamite by AWOL Nation owing to its apparent simplicity at the off which gives way to Aaron Bruno’s impressive vocal range, lovely complexity and a truly stomping finish. It’s right up there with Sail.

  11. Yep

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year was not released this year but owing to it being The Dons 60th next month I decided to go back a few years to listen to The Soundtrack of My Life by Donny Osmond. On Don’s 60th studio album we can hear the man/child belt out inspirational renditions of songs close to him and you.

    The sparkling Ben (you can hear the tears as he remembers his friend Mike), Don’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel always acknowledged Dons continued support after the left Genesis) and the Long and Winding Road are just a few of the gems on this LP which will have you dust it off every 3 years or so.

    If it has to be this year I can’t see past the IDLES long player Brutalism

  12. Paddy

    The very best thing I’ve heard all year is IDLES’ album, Joy As An Act Of Resistance owing to the fact that it confronts racism, hypermasculinity and homophobia. The loud punk pandemonium of the band combined with the very masculine lead singer Joe Talbot proudly roaring ‘I kissed a boy and I liked it!’ on the song Samaritans is one fabulous juxtaposition. The song Danny Nedelko opens with the line ‘my blood brother is an immigrant, a beautiful immigrant/my blood brother is Freddie Mercury, a Nigerian mother of three’. Then there’s the brilliant Never Fight A Man With A Perm. There’s humour, confrontation, anger and love all rolled in to one great album by a fantastically energetic band.

  13. Otis Blue

    The very best thing that I’ve heard this year is Percy Faith by the ever-brilliant Damien Jurado owing to its sun-soaked name check of crooners only ever found in your dad’s record collection and the killer pay off line “ I know everything and yet no one at all,”

  14. bertie blenkinsop

    I played this song to death all year, I think the album is some of their finest work surprised that it got a mixed reaction
    “I lost the money, lost the keys
    But I’m still handcuffed to the briefcase” is a brilliant line imo :)

    Arctic Monkeys – American Sports

  15. scottser

    Thanks for the tips evrryone, i know sod all new bands. Im such an old fart that the best thing ive heard all year is the remixed and mastered white album by the beatles. Stuff ive heard only on crappy bootlegs suddenly brought to life by giles martin. The vocals are way more to the front, making the likes of long long long and dear prudence really shine.

  16. Dub Spot

    Best thing I head all year is Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper (from a Star is Born movie) owing to it being a power-ballad for our age, brilliantly performed from the heart from an unlikely pairing that really made sense. His croak; her colour. Perfect production.

  17. Specific Gravity

    Tough question given the great gigs I was lucky to get to this year, and instinctively I would have gone first for:

    Nick Cave ‘Push the Sky Away’ live in Kilmainham. A special shared moment for all there.
    Echo and the Bunnymen ‘Bring on the Dancing Horses’ live at the Olympia. Spine-tinglingly wonderful.

    But instead the very best thing I’ve heard all year is a hauntingly strange track that I stumbled upon via late night BBC 6 Music and have had on nightly repeat since. It is a great reminder that quality new music is being produced – and should be supported – and jolted me from the rut of sticking with the same, usual old music choices out of habit.

    I would do it a disservice by trying to describe it, other than saying that owing to its magnetic ephemerality my choice is:

    Spectacular Anthem, by Gaika.

  18. Starina

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is “This is America” by Childish Gambino, owing to its multi-layered meaning in both lyrics, vocal style and video, as well as the fact that Gambino said he wasn’t going to release any more music and then he dropped this surprise BANGER on us.

    Second best thing would be Allie X’s “B1tch”, “King of Hosts” by Tzusing aaaand Rubberband Man (thanks, Guardians of the Galaxy).

  19. Neilo

    The best thing I’ve heard all year is the lamentation of their women because of it being time to crush your enemies and to see them driven before you.

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