National History Museum

I visited the Natural History Museum in Dublin on Wednesday, which was wonderful. It was full of visitors and schoolchildren and the exhibits, of course, in their beautiful mahogany glass cases.

However, wet day as it was, I noticed that the glass ceiling of the museum is leaking in quite a few spots, exposing many of the larger stuffed animals to rain.

Is the OPW planning to seal the holes in the roof?

Linda O’Nolan,
Dublin 6.

Natural History Museum: another glass ceiling (The Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Your Days Out

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10 thoughts on “Drip, Drip

  1. Gorugeen

    I inspected that roof (family roofing business) over 20 years ago and it’s roof was in dire need of replacing then. Can’t see anything happening anytime soon.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      You’d think so, but the present crew are so fond of spin that this kind of adverse publicity (in the IRISH TIMES, gasp) might elicit a better response.

  2. Alan McGee

    Could this selfish woman not have stood beside the stuffed monkey with her umbrella up until the rain had abated?

  3. You know it's true

    I spent many hours as a schoolkid in the Natural History Museum.
    I was mitching from school, sheltering from the rain and laughing at the monkey with the little willy and raised arms. Happy days!
    I find it deeply disturbing that the roof is leaking and modern day kids who are ‘on the hop’ are not afforded the shelter I was given in my youth. Something needs to be done.

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