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  1. ReproBertie

    Heineken Cup, Pro 14, Six Nations Grand Slam, victory over New Zealand, World Coach of the year, World Team of the year, World Player of the year. We’re doing OK at his rugby business.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    And not wanting to be anti clean driving.. but if that many drivers are on the gear.. where are the accidents ?

    1. SOQ

      Also, what constitutes drug driving? I get the stupidity of consuming drugs and immediately sitting behind the wheel but will someone who has been smoking cannabis the day before fail such a test for example?

      There is plenty of literature on alcohol time limits but very little, if any, on drugs. Ask ten people on the time limits of smoking cannabis and you will probably get a different answer from each of them. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that alcohol is measured in strict units while drugs are not. Another area is passive smoking where someone smokes it in the same rooms as a driver.

      It would be worth asking someone who knows to do a piece on this bodger. It also ties into the campaign to legalise cannabis of course so what advice is given in other counties?

      1. Listrade

        Not to do the “actually” thing, but there are guidelines on what constitutes “intoxication”:


        Appendix F gives the cut offs. The guide became a bit more important a good few years ago when a company dismissed an employee on the basis of a “zero tolerance” policy on drugs and alcohol.For them any positive result, regardless of level detected was a breach of policy. The Labour Court ruled that they must take account of these guidelines and it is only when the individual is over the cut off that it is regarded as a positive.

        The issue with cannabis at the moment is due to it being illegal, you don’t know THC content of anything you buy. In states where it is legal, there is lab testing and THC is quantified. We also have a lot of data on metabolism and how long you are under the influence.

        1. SOQ

          Thanks Lisrade.

          The problem is that most of what we think of as weed in Ireland is grown in some sort of hydroponic pig slurry then sprayed with highly carcinogenic synthetic cannabinoids.

          Big houses in the border region need to be paid for somehow I suppose.

  3. The Queen of Eerland etc

    ”We’re doing OK at his rugby business.”
    ..it isn’t a business though, is it?

    Do you work behind the bar or fall in front of it?
    Do you serve sandwiches or eat them?

    I know the answer already… it was a joke.

  4. Eoin

    The Daily Express has certainly changed its tune “today we urge MPs to stop bickering and get on with it [agreeing the deal]”

    What about the £40 billion divorce bill. What about fishing rights, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, a border down the Irish Sea, the authority of European Courts, being a rule-taker without influence on the rules, not free to strike trade deals which might dilute EU standards.

    Oh yes, there’s been a change of heart alright!

    1. dav

      I think it’s beginning to dawn on them that no german car company is coming on to reduce their “easiest ” negotiation ever..

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