2 thoughts on “Claus In Contract

  1. john f

    It will be interesting to see if she can guess the withdrawal agreement through Parliament. She doesn’t have the numbers by now but it will be close. A no deal situation would be problematic for us. French and German politicians want deeper and deeper political, military and economic integration amongst the remaining member states.
    In the past, the UK was one of the loudest voices against this, with them gone how much longer can we expect to hold out. FDI and sweetheart tax deals are one of our principal ways of attracting outside investment and the jobs that come with this. If tax rates are how lies throughout the European Union our competitive advantage will be gone.

  2. The Great Wall of Gammon

    First vote will fail. There’ll be a scramble and once the gammons have been carved, the second vote will scrape by. Just about.

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