Former Minister for Communications Denis Naughten and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

The Cabinet will today consider a report from independent auditor Peter Smyth into the tender process for the State’s rural broadband scheme.

…Sources said the report has found that Mr Naughten did not influence or seek to influence the conduct of the tender process in favour of Granahan McCourt Capital, or otherwise. It is also understood to make a similar finding with regard to Granahan McCourt chairman David McCourt and his meetings with Mr Naughten.

Naughten did not influence broadband tender process, auditor finds (Irish Times)

Eoin writes:

And who was responsible for auditing procurement guidelines for the National Broadband Plan over the past few years, including the period in which the secret meetings between the minister Denis Naughten and the remaining bidder? Step forward, Mr Peter Smyth!

Good times.

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Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy said:

“Given that the report finds that the plan has not been compromised then the very obvious question is simply: why have specific rules for the process when it now transpires that flagrant disregard for those rules and repeated breaches supposedly make no difference whatsoever to the process.

I think we can all see the ridiculousness of that contradiction and therefore it is impossible to view the findings of the Smyth report as anything other than a superficial exercise which chose to gloss over the issue.

“The Taoiseach, and indeed many other Government Deputies, when they learned of Mister Naughten’s repeated meetings with David McCourt, accepted his actions were inappropriate and had an impact on the NBP process. For the report to find different is ridiculous.”


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12 thoughts on “‘Cleared’

  1. ollie

    The process is fundamentally flawed. If awarded in it’s current format the unsuccessful candidates will sue and will win.
    This is crazy, Peter Smyth being paid to audit his audits

    1. Giggidygoo

      Egg flipping xactly.
      Still being lined up for Danny O Siteserv/actavo by FG. Smyth now is toxic. Appointed by Varadkar of course.

    2. The Bad Ambassador


      Peter Smyth was brough in to investigate and report back on the quality of his own work managing and auditing the bid process. If his findings were critical of his performance what impact would that have on his consultancy business.

      Did nobody in government consider this before appointing him? Of course they did – that’s why he was the perfect candidate.


  2. Giggidygoo

    Think about it. Three billion – sounds small?

    Three Thousand Million €3000,000,000
    Fine Gael

    Original (last) Bidder has been deserted by most of its original members. Actavo arrived a few months ago. Many meetings, phone calls, dinners between Naughton (FG DNA) and the last bidder.

    Three Thousand Million.

    Think about that

    1. realPolithicks

      Isn’t 3 billion right around the amount of debt that [he who must not be named] is currently trying to refinance…coincidence mmmmm!

  3. Eoin

    This €3 billion National Broadband Plan tendering process has been given the all clear by [and I’m reading his cover letter to his here ]

    Peter Smyth, Procurement Process Auditor of Peter Smyth Management Consultancy Limited, 5 Marley Rise, Rathfarnham and [at the bottom of the cover letter] – Peter Smyth Director/Company Secretary, Derinell Smyth – Director

    Seriously, we’re accepting something from a one-man-and-his-wife company, someone who has been the auditor for the procurement process for some time. He also receives a lot of fees from government departments and agencies, more than €250,000 in one year. It’s ridiculous. And by the way, again, Peter Smyth is a well-regarded consultant and an acknowledged expert in procurement, it’s just he himself shouldn’t be presented as independent. The matter should be examined by the Comptroller and Auditor General.

  4. Joe Small

    I wish Catherine Murphy was made a minister. I’d give it 18 months tops before she’d land herself in some steaming pile, possibly not even of her own making. I don’t think she has any real idea what the jobs entails.
    To quote the Complete Yes Minister, “…a great many things are done in a Minister’s name, of which he may have little or no awareness”

  5. Ron

    If the Irish people do the usual act of turning a blind eye to this and do nothing there is no hope for us a nation. It’s really sad because we all know that’s what’s going to happen. The guy was employed by the broadband plan. he was employed to make sure the very things that happened regarding Naughton didn’t happen and they expected he was going to write a report that implicates his own failure to competently do the job.

    It’s utter bull crap and it’s the usual scummy response we consistently see from the filth in Leinster House.

    Why is nobody screaming from the rooftops to stop this?

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