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Doug writes:

Readers may care to have a goo at this new mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command, which has just launched worldwide and is made right here in Dublin by Digit Game Studios.

It’s a nifty resource management/strategy/MMORPG set in the Star Trek universe (specifically, JJ Abrams’ latter-day iteration).

Build up your starbase, get better ships, crew them up and head out into the galaxy to complete missions, play out the storyline or just get in scraps with other players.

I Have been playing since the ‘soft launch’ a few weeks ago and it really is one of the richest, most engaging mobile games I’ve come across.

It’s free to play with in-app purchases; microtransactions aren’t forced on you though – unless you want to speed up your progress.

Anyway, it’s tons of fun, highly recommend it. This not an ad.

Star Trek Fleet Command

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7 thoughts on “Awesome Dublin Enterprise

  1. john f

    (specifically, JJ Abrams’ latter-day iteration)

    that doesn’t bode well for this game, everything connected to the new universe tends to be utter and steaming ****.

  2. Pat

    I like Abrams Star Trek reboots. Great casting and visually stunning even with the lens flare. Best of all is the Star Trek: Discovery Netflix series. Class

    1. Adama

      Yeah that’s why it’s good, it’s the lens flare! JJ Abrams’ oft-used signature piece. Kelvin universe reboot is pure tosh.

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