Bill Burr Gets Red In The Face


Already red-in-the-face comedian Bill Burr joins Sean Evans for a sweary chat on the Scoville-bothering YouTube chat show Hot Ones.

It’s an interesting premise: see how long your guest can remain coherent as their tastebuds are gradually melted by incrementally more powerful doses of hot chilli sauce.

Bill does quite well, up to a point.


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4 thoughts on “Bill Burr Gets Red In The Face

  1. john f

    I have to say I like Bill Burr and his Monday morning podcasts. The F is for family show is so so.

  2. Toe Up

    It’s always Da Bomb that gets them. The guests usually state that the other sauces have at least some semblance of flavour as well as the heat, but Da Bomb appears to be a form of poison.

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