Meanwhile, In Cork


Cork County Council tweetz:

Flood barriers have been erected at the following off-road locations in Fermoy (North-side); Sub Aqua Club Slipway, Brian Boru Slipway &Triangular Field. Cork County Council will be continuing to monitor conditions across the county.

Earlier: *Whoosh*

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. SOQ

    Flood barriers have been erected… to accommodate the post Brexit flood of tears once they find out they are then the THIRD city of Ireland. The real rebel is currently peeping over the border.

    I sat on a suspension challenged train to Cork a few months ago for a Bord Gáis job in Dublin. I was asked if I would consider relocating to Cork and I said no. The spec said Dublin. Then the job quickly turned into a maternity leave…. also in Cork.

    Sometimes people are their own worst enemies.

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