Behold: the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB. Only 250 were made but this – the prototype – was the first.

Fully restored with the modified ‘long nose’ hood, rally lights and ‘prototype yellow’ paintwork  it wore in the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally, this one-of-a-kind icon of Ferrari race history can be yours for a trifling €5.23 million+.


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16 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

          1. Brother Barnabas

            1) what do you eat it on or with?
            2) do you make your own or buy it?
            3) if make it, does it contain a lot of sugar?

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            about 100g per jar, made it once, toooo lazy since,
            crêpes, meringue pies, scoanes, fruit tartes, blinis, it’s all good

          3. millie st murderlark

            With a spoon. Straight from the jar.

            Or spooned into natural yogurt. On toast. Mmmmmm lemon meringue. Lemon victoria sponge. On anything really.

        1. scottser

          Lemon curd on one slice of toast, rose’s lime marmalade on the other, squashed together. That was my childhood taste sensation

  1. Lilly

    You lot have just driven me to the fridge. Have you tried Killowen farm lemon curd yogurt? Nomnomnom….

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