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    1. SOQ

      Let us start as we at the very least mean to continue. Music for the hips. Practising homosexuals everywhere. Soon to be perfect.

    2. bisted

      ‘…Dublin’s finest funky fags’…one of your other personnas was explaining how hurtful the ‘f-word’ was to you and how you couldn’t listen to Shane McGowans Fairytale…

      1. SOQ

        Oh look at you- nit picking so early. Cheap lousy faggot is not the same as funky fag dear, off you trot now pet.

          1. Cú Chulainn

            A faggot is a small piece of useless wood. Have think about why a women used it as an insult to a man, usually a partner or soon to be an ex partner. It was only used very recently as a derogatory term for a gay man. It has been in use since early medieval times in Ireland, Wales and England. Anyone in the LGBTQ taking offence have this one completely wrong. McGowan is from a Tipperary family and whether he’s aware of it or not, its still a term that was used for its original purpose in my life time. A langer is a different insult. That’s for another day.

          2. Nigel

            Whatever offence or lack of offence you expect or demand nobody but nobody has used that word to mean ‘piece of wood’ in at least half a century. I went to school near where McGowan grew up and when they called you that they meant you were homosexual and they managed to be unambiguous about it.

          3. Lush

            Have to disagree Nigel.
            I grew up in the midlands and my grandfather, a beef farmer, used the term faggot as a humorous reprisal to me when I was very young; when I was cheeky and the like. He said it with a smile and usually a hug.
            The fact that this word, like many others, has since been appropriated by small-minded folk has not changed its meaning for me and in no way diminishes my very happy childhood memories.

          4. Nigel

            Also grew up in the Midlands and the first time I encountered that usage was in The Lord Of The Rings and I had to look it up. Your singular experience makes no difference to the overwhelming usage of that word as a homophobic insult, from at least the eighties on when I started hearing it directed my way on a regular basis, and which I don’t remember with any fondness, and I would lay good money on my type of experience being vastly more common than yours.

            But your Granddad sounds lovely, and there’s no reason for those cherished memories to be spoiled by that kind of hatefulness

          5. Cú Chulainn

            Well, a gay mans ‘wood’ large or small, is pretty useless for a women generally.. I’m sure you’ll agree.. so it’s descriptive really. Anyway, the point is that in the song it wasn’t used as a derogatory term for a gay man. So, no offence given, none should be taken.

          6. Charlie

            It’s far from a “singular experience”. In Dublin many people who were called faggots were also called scallywags, rascals and messers in the same vein. It was almost an expression of endearment.

          7. Nigel

            But it is! McGowan justifies it (correctly imo) by pointing out It’s being spoken by a drunken degraded character. He doesn’t pretend It’s in reference to a piece of wood! But even an artistically justified homophobic slur can get a bit naff when It’s being belted out over and over again every Christmas.

        1. rotide

          It’s actually a fair point SOQ. It’s in the same ballpark as the N word is a hateful racist word except when it’s being used to sell records.

          Worth having the discussion anyway

          1. Nigel

            Why can’t white people say the n word when black people can and why can lgbtq people say the f word and straight people can’t is the.most tedious and useless discussion to have yet again since all it illustrates is the ignorance and entitlement of the straight and the white who think black and lgbtq people ought to know they’re actually really cool and should be able to use those words without giving offence.

          2. Catherine costelloe

            Pease pudding & faggots a favourite in East London along with jellied eels. Faggot was pigs livers/kidneys , pigs belly, served with onion gravy. Oink!! Oink!
            Have a good New Year, to one & all!

          3. SOQ

            Unpack all the arguments and counterarguments yourselves but F and N are generally used by the respective groupings as a means of reclaiming them, which is the complete opposite of their original intent.

            Happy New Queer everyone.

          4. bisted

            …don’t know which facet turned up…there are so many…my own favourite is ‘leather gear guy’…how does he get of with linking to porn sites when me and Ollie are dispatched to the New Moded Army…

          5. SOQ

            John Waters must surely be behind at least one of the persona commenting in this thread. Surly and permanently victimised while howling at the PC moon.

            People aren’t stupid, they see the same characters commenting under half a dozen usernames. Get a life. Seriously. It is dull and predictable. It is boring.

          6. bisted

            …maintaining half-a-dozen usernames would be hard work but you seem to effortlessly maintain limitless personalities with only one…which one next..don’t tell me…the FIST…

  1. Giggidygoo

    And today’s Varadkar headline is…. another FG ‘pledge’ on IVF. More could, perhaps, maybe etc. etc.
    And Creed comes out with a heap of slurry. Gobslurry

    1. Eoin

      And, according to the Times Ireland

      “The health service and the government are also considering giving out free condoms from vending machines in pub and nightclub bathrooms.”

      FREE (bought and delivered by the taxpayer) CONDOMS

        1. Eoin

          Are free euthanasia services cheaper than pensions and care costs for the elderly? (yes)

          Are free houses cheaper than free hotels for the homeless? (yes)

          Are free bicycles and gym memberships cheaper than dealing with obesity medical probs? (yes)

          Are free annual medical screenings for the entire population cheaper than dealing with the plethora of long-term medical conditions?(yes)

          Is free public transport cheaper than the EU fines we’re shortly being hit with for failing to reach emission cuts? (yes)

          Happy New Year Cian, ye dyed-in-the-wool de-closeted Marxist/Leninist/Trotskyist wonder ye.

          1. Cian

            Actually we’re I agreement. I think a lot of those things should be provided for free or subsidised – if we can afford them.

            I wouldn’t agree with you that they are all cheaper.

    2. Otis Blue

      It looks like Creed the chancer is trying to suggest that cows are the solution to our climate change woes rather than a significant part of the problem.

  2. dav

    I thought the Daily Mail headline was about the queen’s speech, where millions didn’t bother to check if she was all there or not..

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Nothing to do with the papers, but just want to say thank you to all at Broadsheet, the contributors, and even the commenters. It has been a wonderful year and you all helped make it for me.

    Here is to a wonderful 2019

    Keep it up, and, as they say, fe@k the begrudges :)

  4. Eoin

    The migrant “significant incident” [surely, a series of incidents?] grows in the UK.

    Funny how reporting of the migrants crossing the 40kms Channel in boats (1) refers to migrants “trying” to reach England, they’re all actually “succeeding” and (2) the 100 migrants detected in the past week are presumably a subset of all migrants making the crossing and the true number, including those who aren’t detected, could be substantially more.

    These inflatables with a crappy outboard on its last legs can be picked up for less than €500 and carry 6-9 people. If you’re a people smuggler and get paid even €500 by each migrant, you’re making one hell of a profit margin.

    I must admit, I am surprised it has taken the people smugglers this long to cop onto this business opportunity.

  5. Eoin

    The glacial marriage preparations between FF and the SDLP are to go into race-mode ahead of the FF ardheis in February, claims the Irish Times today with a series of announcements expected before 23 February.

    What about the European and local elections in Northern Ireland in May 2019 [FF has long said it would contest Northern Ireland elections in 2019]?

    “It is yet to be decided how the two parties will approach the first electoral test in Northern Ireland, the local elections in May. One well-placed figure said it might be too early for candidates to run on a joint platform, and it might be a case of “SDLP candidates standing with the endorsement of Fianna Fail” although that issue is not yet fully resolved.”

    1. Giggidygoo

      It’s just a press release to counter Varadkars daily appearance on the front pages, courtesy of his donated advent calander of Christmas releases to the press.
      This is FF marching up the hill and down again.

  6. Johnny

    Well done to all involved in the green energy initiative,report referenced does not appear to be available yet.
    Is 2019 the year FG,finally allows patients legally access their medicine,instead putting their lives at risk ?
    Setting the “morality” issues aside which are spurious,medical marijuana is available in NI but not in ROI-why.
    From a business perspective hello FG-it’s extremely compelling,who’s ‘against’ decriminalized weed in Irl?
    Green energy is widely utilized by indoor growers/greenhouses in US-Ireland has it all to be an early mover in the large scale cultivation of med/rec marijuana,with the UK taken over by the inmates and sidelined.

  7. Gabby

    I will end 2018 with a glass of wine and some Schubert. I will begin 2019 with curried vegetables and some Joe Duffy. Athbhliain faoi mhaise dibh go leir a chairde. Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo aris. If Brexit is a pain take two asprins every few hours.

  8. Eoin

    Free abortion services start tomorrow, but the earliest you’ll be able to have an abortion will be Friday (assuming you can get a doctor to “certify” you tomorrow, there’s a 3-day cooling off period).

    So far, it doesn’t look as chaotic as many expected.

    The MyOptions.ie website is now online. Apparently, they’re not publishing the list of 165 doctors who can “certify” you for fear of attacks on those doctors, you’ll have to ring to get the contact details of the doctors from 9am tomorrow.

    What’s the betting the first callers from 9am tomorrow will be the press, female reporters and male reporters putting on a woman’s voice????

    A lot of the safeguards and precautions sought by the pro-life side are there including

    “During your consultation, you will: be asked about why you want an abortion and whether you’re sure about your decision”

    Looks like this is happening and this govt has managed to get the service in place for 1st January.

  9. millie st murderlark

    Happy new year folks from a warm and sunny hideaway.

    Maybe we can try start off this new one on a more positive note, where we show a little more care towards each other. Hope you all have a good one :)

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