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  1. scottser

    hopefully anyone at work today can ‘ease themselves back in’. mercifully our place is pretty quiet today and mourinho (as we call her) isn’t back in till monday.
    in other news, the only thing i have to do today is hand in my notice. wahoo!!

    1. Lilly

      Lucky you Scottser, congrats! Same here, boss not back til Monday, so time to deal with the PTSD. No traffic this morning, sane people taking the rest of the week.

    2. SOQ

      Stay the hell away from family businesses scotty, no matter what your job title they will always gang up on you.

  2. Tarftonclax

    That dude with the bandaged head always has fresh bruises every week. A hard life. The photos are good, but vaguely voyeuristic.

  3. pat the baker

    My god
    Moan moan moan
    Its only the second of January folks
    So going to work at 4.50 am big deal
    I am a baker and all my life had to go to work at 4 am
    At least in Dublin there is a choice of transport so spare a thought for those communities that have one bus a day or a week

  4. Jimmy The Passenger

    Any opportunity to slag off Dublin Bus…

    They provide the best service they possibly can, and when they fall short it’s ALWAYS due to external forces, like car-drivers.

    Free Wi-fi.
    Free USB Charging ports in the back of the seat in front of you.
    You can meet people and have a bit of craic or look at eejits on their phones.

    Big Up de Dublin Bus.
    I will not hear a word said against them.

      1. millie st murderlark

        Nah, I did.

        I complained about the fact that when you take the 33 from Skerries/Balbriggan you are assured a scenic 90 min journey through all of north Dublin. It’s a journey which should take no more than an hour (at non peak times). By car it takes 25 mins.

        It is an extremely frustrating fact for commuters who rely on this bus service.

        1. Jimmy The Passenger

          It is an extremely frustrating fact for commuters who rely on this bus service.

          Yeah, but that’s the car drivers.
          We need a mind shift, away from your closeted space and asocicial tendencies.

          Get on the bus.
          Change the climate.
          Make new friends if you want.

          It won’t happen when you give someone the finger at a traffic light, but it could happen in the back seat, especially upstairs.

          1. millie st murderlark

            Funny, but I don’t drive a car to work.

            My other half commutes a long distance to work and uses the car for that purpose. I’ve always relied on public transport, so I speak from experience.

            I actually agree with you, and you’ll probably find most people do. But as regards transport, our infrastructure is poor to middling, considering we are a European nation, and the services provided are frequently not good value for money.

            My complaint is valid. It has taken me two hours to get home, more sometimes, during train strikes etc. That’s ridiculous, considering I live 25 mins from the city centre.

            I’ll say this for Dublin Bus, their drivers are by and large a really nice bunch of folks.

          2. Lilly

            I find the bus relaxing and would happily take it to work – I could read on the way – but the service is atrocious. Busses that do not arrive at the ‘live schedule’ time, a 20-minute wait in the rain, then three in one go. Busses driving by the stop on the way home… I stopped emailing their customer service and went back to driving – faster, cheaper and less stressful.

        2. garthicus

          Not always now that we have the 33’s that go to Swords/airport where you can connect on with swifter services… Plus the 33x is handy enough. I feel bad for the people in Lusk though as it’s always full by then. Decent pics.

      2. SOQ

        I used to work for CIÉ. The office politics was unreal, people eyeballing each other for thirty odd years. The money I have seen squandered was beyond belief, I mean millions.

        Do not tell me that CIÉ provide the best service they possibly can. They cant be bothered even letting passengers know when a service has been cancelled, and then, the government scratch their heads as to why people still incur expensive car costs?

        Private bus operators have cut the legs from under them on the national routes and, the sooner that happens in Dublin the better. Is that negative enough?

    1. scottser

      i recently saw a man shave his nose on the 45a from bray. i have been most affected by this incident, to the extent that i now regard the gentleman from bray, who sits a few desks away from me, with derision and scepticism. dublin bus has shown me things which really should stay hidden.

  5. Jimmy The Passenger

    Yeah, yeah…
    So what..?

    Somebody would have if I hadn’t said anything.

    If we all got the bus it would be better for all of us.
    (In Dublin)

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      If we all got the bus they’d HAVE to fix it right ?
      like they do everything else…
      Happy New Year ;)

  6. Rob

    What’s worse than getting the pre dawn bus on 2 January? Some weirdo taking photos of you getting the pre dawn bus on 2 January. What’s worse than that? Finding out those pre dawn photos were published on the internet.

    1. Dub Spot

      And what’s worse than that? Somebody commenting inanely about in on the internet. Y’know the thing, starts with “What’s worse than getting the pre dawn bus on 2 January?”….

      Nice pics, miss the old days of smoking upstairs (and downstairs) but I suppose conductors were going to go west eventually along with their odd uniform flexibility (Coras Jumper Eireann, etc).

  7. Jimmy The Passenger

    Dublin Bus drivers as the best-skilled drivers EVER.
    Better than anyone else.

    Stand at any heavy junction, like Westmoreland Street for 10 minutes.
    Count how many idiots walk out in front of a bus as if it wasn’t there.
    Count how many people get knocked down.


    I do not and never have nor ever will work for Dublin Bus, but respect is due to them.
    The service has improved at a fantastic pace in recent years, way beyond expectations.
    Free Wi-Fi.
    Free charger-ports.
    Cheaper fares.
    Faster, safer journeys.

    Anyone who knocks them hasn’t been on a bus recently.

    1. Lilly

      You obviously haven’t come across the psycho Dublin Bus drivers who speed up to try and run pedestrians down.

  8. pat the baker

    and better still the workers who drive those busses get up hours earlier
    A big thank you for those who transport those loaners around

  9. Janet, I ate my avatar

    Public transport is crap, it’s a city where people live in the suburbs, it’s a pain in the bum bee bacon to get anywhere and you are froze to death half the time waiting for the buses that do turn up. Also why are there no decent shelters on exposed train platforms for example Connolly, it’s bitter up there.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I’m sure the drivers are lovely, my complaint is the pitiful infrastructure and robbery of the costs and the grown adults who put filthy shoes on chairs.

    2. Starina

      I would like to propose that BS auto-change “aR53” to “bum bee bacon” when it comes up in comments. including bum bee baconhole and bum bee baconbiscuits.

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