20 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. ReproBertie

    I see the teaboy has been at the gin again. Why else would he claim the British voter wants a collapsing economy, food and medicine shortages, grounded flights and chaos at the ports?

    Tick tock Sasamach.

    1. SOQ

      They have four choices.

      No deal, May’s deal, ask for an extension or a referendum,. No deal is economic suicide. May’s deal is less freedom of trade than remaining, an extension is just can kicking so a third referendum is inevitable.

  2. Dub Spot

    Nice cover on the FT – two priests in dresses, kissing openly. What is the Church coming to…. wouldn’t happen in “Our Lady” of Lard Hospital Drogheda?

    1. SOQ

      I doubt if you could argue that the Orthodox Church is any way a champion for gay rights. They are worst that the Catholics any day.

  3. baz

    Trump Derangement Syndrome has ravaged DeNiro yet Guardian grants him front page

    UK independent think Elizabeth Warren merits their front page . She’s a nobody in reverse.

    people actually purchase these wastes of paper!

  4. bisted

    …Boris Johnston is saying that the no deal is closest to what the UK voted for…they believed that EU would let them have their cake and eat it…not happening, so as May said at the time she became leader – no deal is better than a bad deal – any new referendum or election or peoples vote will produce the same result…get on with it!

    1. ReproBertie

      As we can see, no deal is clearly much worse than a bad deal. Admitting she was wrong shouldn’t be an issue really. We’re all grown ups after all.

      1. bisted

        …any deal that doesn’t involve the EU conceding on all fronts to the UK seems like a bad deal to those who democratically voted for brexit…all I hear them saying is get on with it…Boris is right…

    2. SOQ

      You are so certain a new referendum would produce the same result how?

      And as for getting on with it, what is. ‘it’ exactly? Crashing out of the EU? It is not going to happen, ever. The chaos it would cause is mind boggling.

      1. bisted

        …’it’ is what the democratic outcome of the UK referendum decided…you mightn’t like the outcome but that it is clearly the will of the electorate…no deal seems to be the closest to what was voted for…

        1. ReproBertie

          Since the negotiations showed that they don’t know what they voted for I’m very skeptical of the tea boy suddenly being an expert on it.

          1. bisted

            …the electorate voted to leave the EU…the mechanism to fulfil that wish was triggered immediately and the earliest that can happen is in april as set out in Art.50…neither you nor I know that democratic decision has altered…but…the remainers, like the pro-lifers here, are making a lot of noise because they don’t like the democratic outcome…

          2. SOQ

            The only thing stopping a second referendum is Corbyn and that is because he want’s No.10. You know rightly that public opinion has changed and even if it didn’t, 2 million have died and another 3 million are now of voting age. That alone would flip the balance.

            Now if you are arguing that Britain crashing out of the EU will improve the quality of its citizen’s lives then lets be having it…. how?

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