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  1. Catherine costelloe

    There are no words to describe what this state is doing to a traumatised mother , Lucia o Farrell. A body blow again today after her meeting with Commissioner Harris last week. Weep for her.

    1. Giggidygoo

      Why is it that cover ups are the norm in official Ireland? And why, when they are found out, is there never a punishment?

        1. Giggidygoo

          Still assuming and still making an idiot of yourself. You’ll be getting the ‘David’ treatment soonI think.
          Toddle along

  2. SOQ

    And it is all kicking off in London so. The insanity of May promoting a no deal Brexit as a viable alternative is only matched by Corbyn’s inability to lead.

    1. Cian

      Is she promoting a “no deal Brexit” hoping that the MPs will recoil from it and into her soft-deal Brexit?

      I think there is going to be a huge back-lash against the party that tries to row-back on Brexit… so maybe she is being politically astute.

      Or do you think she is crazy enough to go through with it?

      1. SOQ

        Well let’s put it this way, she won’t be allowed. It doesn’t matter if she is playing chicken with the brexiteers or the EU or both, the outcome will be the same.

        Absolute bloody chaos.

      2. Eoin

        It’s like watching a friend with severe mental health challenges try to manoevre life’s daily challenges, but you can’t help them or even comment.

        Last evening, with the Tory govt already ruling out (1) second referendum (2) cancelling (3) extending the notice, and Theresa May saying (4) it’s unlikely the meaningful vote next week on the draft withdrawal agreement will pass, MPs decided to stop the government spending money on a no-deal Brexit by 303-296 The DUP appears to have voted with Labour against the government, I thought the DUP were fatalistic and didn’t support the current draft and preferred a no-deal Brexit; the aim of yesterday’s vote was the rule out (5) a no-deal Brexit. What is option (6), to call a general election?

        1. Cian

          What are the options?
          1. Second referendum (not enough time for this). So this would have to be deferral of article 50 #3 below. (for, say 6 months) with a referendum to make a final decision.
          2. Cancelling Brexit. This isn’t an option unless the UK can show it is a “real” cancellation. So it would require a referendum (of a massive majority in the Houses of Parliament)
          3. Extension. This is looking more and more likely. But I think it will require the UK to have a firm plan of *what* the extension is for. e.g. a referendum.
          4. (soft-Brexit) i.e. the current agreement. This might happen if all other options are lost and their back is against the wall and it come to a hard Vs soft Brexit.
          5. No-deal Brexit. This might happen if they are pig-headed enough (option #4 that goes the other way)
          6. General Election. This is like #1. it would need an extension to article 50. But I don’t see the EU giving an extension for a GE.

          1. Cian

            The UK referendum to leave was, as you say, non binding.

            But Article 50 have been triggered.

            According to the ECJ this can be revoked, however the decision to stay must “follow a democratic process” and the member state would then have to write to the EU to notify them of the “unequivocal and unconditional” decision.

            I don’t know if the EU would allow the UK to revoke article 50 solely on a parliamentary vote especially if the vote was very tight.

          2. milk teeth

            I think the EU would have to give to the UK on any delays really because they can unilaterally withdraw Article 50. So if the EU don’t agree to extend they can just withdraw then reissue the Article 50 letter. If the EU agree to an extension they get some say in the terms of it. Also recon they would be keen to give the UK space to make a decision which would cancel brexit e.g. for a referendum or ellection.

          3. SOQ

            I would think the other EU member states would be quite flexible in granting extensions as it is not in their interests for GB to crash out either.

  3. Cian

    [Shudder] The grocers’ apostrophe’s in Irish Sun’s sub-heading:

    Son’s held over mum’s grisly death


    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      Is is not “Son is held over grizzly mum’s death”?

      So the apostrophe is standing in for the “i” in “is”. It’s only one son in custody so it wasn’t referring to the plural of son.

        1. Nigel

          Oh and Jesus, waking up this morning to hear that some poor woman had been murdered with an axe was sobering.

      1. Cian

        But they could have gone with
        “Son held over grizzly mum’s death” (if it was one male child)
        “Sons held over grizzly mum’s death” (if it was many male children)
        or as you say
        “Son is held over grizzly mum’s death”

        aghhh. pitchforks & flaming torches at the Sun office at lunchtime? Anyone free?

  4. Gabby

    English society is facing a nervous breakdown as decisions about Brexit are soon to be taken. Meanwhile, among the general public in Ireland, there is widespread quiet desperation.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Ooooooooh. That just gave me a frisson of excitement. That’s my English grandfather’s fault.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      On the contrary, I believe the Irish general public are Brexit-aware and ready. Conversations I’ve been privy to have been informed, exploratory and calm. Certainly moreso than the British general public – who will change the subject, Daily Star-style, after a couple of minutes.

  5. Eoin

    “A researcher at the Iona Institute was speaking in a “personal capacity” when he said that a helpline for women in crisis pregnancies could be used to identify doctors who had agreed to provide legal abortion services.”

    reports the Times Ireland today.

    I’m shocked. Who would have thought that, in circumstances where the list of 165 doctors providing abortion services wasn’t listed on the govt’s MyOptions.ie website, that anti-abortion activists would phone the helpline for the list????? And that at 9.01am on New Years Day when the telephone service was launched that a pro-life character would be ringing up, putting on a Sister Stan voice claiming to be having a crisis pregnancy and seeking a list of doctors in say, Galway city?

    The innocence of some people!

  6. Eoin

    I’m surprised the nursing strike isn’t getting more coverage. It’s 20 years, isn’t it, since there was a 24-hour strike? And it’s starting to look like this year’s flu season is particularly bad, maybe as bad as 2009. 565 on trolleys today, down 2% from the 575 on the same day last year, but there’s a distinct upward trend in the past week.
    Hard to see this govt caving into a 12% pay demand and on the other hand 95% of nurses have voted to strike. Looks like we’re heading for total chaos. You’d have thought it would demand more analysis.

    1. Cian

      Interesting. According to the article yesterday the 12% rise would cost €300m extra each year.

      Rather than increase their wages by 12%, how about we spend the €300m on more nurses? This would reduce the workload on existing staff, and we could save on overtime. A win-win?

  7. Dub Spot

    The appalling latent misogyny of the Sun and Star headlines about that killing in Ardee. Why does BS give these idiots the oxygen of publicity. It’s bad enough they have the oxygen of oxygen.

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