Gogan For Gold


Larry Gogan (top) in ‘New Spotlight’ magazine (1969) and in 2006 (above)

“I have loved all my time on 2FM and would like to thank all the amazing support from all my listeners, great colleagues and all the fantastic Irish and International artists I have been privileged to support and be a part of their success .I am thrilled to be moving over to RTÉ Gold full time and being part of that exciting new digital world.”

Larry Gogan is stepping down from 2FM (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “Gogan For Gold

    1. Rob_G


      It’s not really a youth station any more; I’m not really sure what the purpose is of having a licence fee-funded radio station playing chart when there are several commercial stations fulfilling this remit.

      1. Andrew

        What purpose? Jobs for Gerry Ryan’s kids and Bertie Ahern’s son in law surely?(200k per annum) You can’t expect them to be left to the mercy of the jobs market.

        1. scottser

          what is the difference between dubai and abu dhabi?
          dubai don’t like the flintstones but abu dhabi do

  1. Optimus Grime

    Ah no. RTE recruited the head of iRadio to run 2FM and guess what he just turned it into another version of iRadio. At lease iRadio has some regional appeal. God be with the days of Dave Fanning at 8pm on a weekday night.

  2. Kolmo

    Whats the story with the hours of sport in the evening..is there anything more mindless than listening to people talking but saying nothing about how many goals they must score to beat the other team…at the endede day, strength in depth, journey, lookit..

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