They Are Among Us


This morning/afternoon.

Convention Centre, Dublin 1

The First day of the Pendelum Summit – leadership in business conference – featuring, from top: street artist Erik Wahl,  rugby coach Stuart Lancaster, self-help coach Marshall Goldsmith, comedienne Ruby Wax and actor Colin Farrell.

Pendulum Summit



Hello you.

Sean Gallagher at the Summit.


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15 thoughts on “They Are Among Us

  1. Cú Chulainn

    Can you imagine how sad your life would have to be to think to pay for this poo poo..
    And as for the planks teeth.. dear Jesus.. could he look worse..? Yes..

    1. SOQ

      He has his grandfather’s ears god bless him, his father’s eyes… and definitely his mother’s teeth.

      Hopefully she’ll have them back before tea time.

  2. Optimus Grime

    Had a look at a few of the tweets coming out of this…Holy mother of God you would need to be severely weak of mind to attend one of these things….

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