McAnuff Hair Already


Oh my.

This morning

Team Ireland tweetz:

For the first time ever two Irish skaters will compete in the same category at an International Skating Union (ISU) Championships [European Short Track Speed Skating Championships in Dordrecht, Netherlands this weekend] – best of luck Ryan (left) and Sean McAnuff in the Short Track Euros..


Freshly-shorn Ryan (right) and Sean en route to Holland this morning.

An improvement?

YOU must decide.

McAnuff Brothers All Set For Short Track Euros (Olympic Federation of Ireland)

17 thoughts on “McAnuff Hair Already

  1. missred

    Shorn? Ah now lads, I’m disappointed, ye could have had that fine ginger hair flowing in the breeze as ye race down the frozen rivers….

    1. DeSelby

      Ah here… it’s not their “personal” style. It’s the spandex / hair combo from their sports kit. I would be more worried if that was their personal style.

  2. Louis Lefronde

    Seriously Irish guys, beards were fashionable about a week in 2013…. (never cool) whenever I see a young dude wearing one, I think to myself, another member of the lost herd!

    Ireland, the European country that fashion and good taste bypassed

    1. millie st murderlark

      Funny, but your opinion was never fashionable so I can see the men of Ireland giving approximately zero pooties about your (frankly questionable) taste in anything.

      Sounds like you’ve a touch of beard envy, Lou.

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