19 thoughts on “I Am A Movie Cliché

    1. Custo

      William Goldman spoke about this in one of his screenwriting books. He wrote a scene where detective Mel Gibson pulls up in a taxi while a bomb is ticking inside a bank and we sit and wait a he fumbles around in his wallet, drops coins on the floor. and then waits for the driver to count it before unlocking the door to let him out.. Meanwhile the bank has been blown up.

  1. ivan

    I’m a marine biologist. I once removed a golfball from a whale’s blowhole in an episode of Seinfeld. Other than that, I don’t exist.

  2. postmanpat

    I am a person from TV and movies who doesn’t say “bye” before terminating every phone call.

        1. SOQ

          After one of her gabby friends called and she got bored, my mother used to say “I’ll let you go so, bye”

          *hangs up*

  3. realPolithicks

    I’m an occasional commenter on an Irish website that essentially operates 9-5 Mon-Fri with occasional extra bits thrown in. Sometimes this website closes for weeks at a time…did I mention it was Irish?

  4. postmanpat

    I am a person from TV and movies whos lips clearly stop moving and/or don’t match what I’m saying when the camera cuts to a 3/4 angle behind my head mid sentence.

  5. Murtles

    I’m a cop who has no problem shooting people and blowing things up not just in other jurisdictions but in other countries and despite ending up in just a white now blood stained vest and no shoes, my gun has an endless supply of ammo. Where do I hide it. Uppy my Ki-Aye-Moth……

  6. Gock

    I am any “average American husband” about to be thrust into some amazing adventure. The very first thing I do when I get home from work every evening is open the fridge and neck a beer.

  7. anne

    Yous are all heroes in the movie of your own life.. except the demented trolls with multiple personalities.

  8. Steph Pinker

    I’m the soccer mom who gets out of her 4×4 Jeep at 8am with perfect make up and hair, pert nipples and a tight ass in a designer tracksuit while carrying two big brown paper bags full of food which always contain celery sticks and French baguettes. Upon arriving home the arse falls out of one of the bags, and the new handsome [serial killer] neighbour called Chuck, happens to be passing by, so he helps me with my shopping – thereby leaving his fingerprints on my Macaroni Cheese. When I call for my kids – who’ve been kidnapped by my fourth ex-husband, I phone the cops on 555 – ****.

    Tune in next week for episode 2.

  9. Gabby

    I’m an extra in a seersucker business suit who lies still face down on the floor as a bank is being robbed.

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