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  1. Eoin

    The media are really in their own little bubble, “Eve of destruction”, “Crushed” “Humiliated” “Historic”? Calm down dears, the UK still has six options remaining. At this point, the most democratically sound option for the UK is (7).

    (1) Adopt current draft withdrawal agreement (2) attempt renegotiation with EU of current draft withdrawal agreement (3) Cancel Article 50 notice to leave (4) Seek agreement to extend Article 50 notice to leave (5) Hold a second Brexit referendum (6) Call general election (7) No-deal Brexit crash-out

    1. SOQ

      Will the No Confidence vote carry this evening?

      If DUP vote in favour then a general election?

      And how will the numbers stack up then?

      Sterling to take a battering today I expect.

      1. Jibjob

        The DUP made it clear as soon as the no confidence vote was announced that they would support the Conservatives.

      1. Shayna

        Sylvia Hermon – I have to say is someone I respect. Her husband, Sir Jack, was a constable in Coalisland, County Tyrone – back in the 50s/60s. My dad told me he was a good guy. That was good enough for me.

  2. Shayna

    JC has motioned a “No confidence” following the vote. It appears that no-one really knows what that means. A general election? Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party aren’t prepared. It’s not like Tony Blair – he was.

  3. Giggidygoo

    A couple of weeks ago, the Children’s Hospital was running at €1.4bn, with a massive overspend. And since then (a couple of weeks) another €300m has been added. And what do we get? Oh the ‘lessons must be learnt’ line!
    What lessons? Maybe hold the people who tender to their prices? Maybe have the unsuccessful tenderers sue? Maybe reveal now exactly the original tender document, the details of the successful bid, and the actual reasons why the original cost has increased almost six-fold, (so far)?
    Maybe like the attempted changes to the members of ‘de consortium’ of the Broadband tender, there were changes to the hospital one too?
    Someone, somewhere, is getting a very large donation out of this.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      GiggidyGobPoo, I see your “Not my Taoiseach”, protest went well yesterday.
      What was the turn out? Did ye get a dozen?

      1. Giggidygoo

        Ah, Mr Assumption making his daily foray into idiocy. Toddle off now and find something soft to amuse yourself with.

    2. Pip

      Media and others keep wringing their hands and asking why, why, how, how.
      And no-one offers any theories, opinions, suggestions as to what’s going on.
      The usual fear of litigation?

  4. Ron

    There will be a hard border of some sort in Ireland. The independent are just planting the seed now in people’s heads. It will become more normal after a while. Like they did with homelessness..

    Ireland is nothing but a toy for the political boo boos in Europe with which to beat the UK until they have decided it’s enough for them..

  5. Gertrude

    Complete poppycock, Ron. The UK has flushed itself down the sh!tter, the ensuing morass is immense fun to witness, I must say. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of lads.

    1. scottser

      If there is to be a renegotiation of a deal then the backstop will be the first thing to go I reckon.

    2. Ron

      There will absolutely be a hard border of some sort in Ireland. This is the renegotiation. They had to let that vote play out last night before they can even start to nornalise the border as an option. It’s all part of dance they always knew they would be performing.

      Leo and his Government are inept and they played along willingly with the EU puppet masters. This was never about solidarity with Ireland lol. The EU are punishing the democratic decision of UK citizens and it just happened that the Irish border was a great glove to punch them with.

      Now it’s getting real. The hard border in some form is coming and that’s going to come out in the renegotiation. It was always coming. Watch now over the next few weeks how the tone and language changes from our own Government goons as they start to nornalise the notion of a border.

      The incompetence and ineptitude of our politicians and civil servants is breathtaking. It was always going to be a monumental fock up of spectacular proportions. The same way they manage everything in this country.

      They have normalised the fact that they are inept.

    1. ReproBertie

      Melodramatic much?

      Stopping and questioning people for security reasons does not a hard border make.

      1. david

        I have been asked politely by the owners of this site to stop commenting but I am rude and ignorant.

      2. Ron

        fock me. you can’t possibly be so stupid as to believe that. don’t be commenting on my comments. Your stupidity is contagious

        1. rotide

          Who makes a complete tit of himself by calling others stupid while not understanding how comments work?

          You do ron ron ron
          You do ron ron

  6. Eoin

    “Fine Gael members of the Dáil’s spending watchdog have been criticised after records showed that their average attendance rate was little more than half. On average, the party’s TDs had an average 58 per cent attendance rate at public accounts committee meetings. Members from other parties managed a rate of 78 per cent.”

    reports the Times Ireland today.

    One of our democracy’s most powerful instruments, the public accounts committee, is treated with contempt by FG TDs who are privileged to be appointed.

  7. Eoin

    “Newstalk has apologised after a guest on one of its radio programmes made ”unfounded” remarks about online racism and referenced two prominent journalists….Leah Doherty, the organiser of the [Rooskey anti rascism] rally, claimed that online racism was feeding into the rhetoric of “people like Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters”.”

    Says the Times Ireland.

    So there.

  8. Eoin

    You have to laugh at our fearless print media which was breathlessly reporting on Saturday how the Kinahan #3 had been arrested at Birmingham airport after arriving on a flight from a “Middle Eastern country [Paul Reynolds]” in a joint operation involving the “elite” National Crime Agency, the Gardai and other international police (not Dubai’s!). The police were investigating -hang on, let me catch my breath,no I’m fine, thanks -international drugs and arms trafficking.

    What’s the latest?

    “An Irishman charged with having an [€10] illegal stun gun disguised as a torch has been granted bail by a judge…The married father-of-six had just returned from a family holiday in Mexico with his wife and children.”

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