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Leinster House, Dublin 2

LGBT families calling for same-sex couples to be given legal recognition as parents.

The Children and Family Relationships Act, which was passed in 2015, allows for the option of including a co-parent on a birth certificate.

However, not all sections have been commenced, including the provision that relates to donor-assisted human reproduction….

LGBT families protest over lack of legal recognition as parents (RTÉ)

Pic via Grace O’Sullivan

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5 thoughts on “Recognition

  1. Ben Redmond

    One parent needs to be a man as the semen donated for in-vitro or physical conception comes from a man. There is a problem in identifying the male donor in some cases, so the male parent on a birth certificate might have to be designated as ‘unknown’.

  2. SOQ

    If only for health reasons, a biological father should be known and contactable by one or both parents right through a child’s life. Child must have the right to know who, and where possible get to know, the biological father upon adulthood. Still, it is a lucky child who has two mothers.

    Precious brat(s) I expect but sure, isn’t that most of south Dublin these days?

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