Take Back The Night


Give Us The Night.

Is a new campaign group seeking “positive changes to nightlife in Ireland with particular regard to music venues”.

They’re campaigning for more cultural spaces to be used as night venues, graduated closing times, 6am closing times in some music venues, 24-hour public transport, and the establishment of ‘night mayors’…

The group has just released its mandate which sez:

Countries around the world are experiencing the benefits of a healthy night-time economy. The commonly recognised timeframe of activity in this sector is 6pm – 6am.

This involves music venues, bars, restaurants, spectator sporting events, cinemas, theatres, shops, transport companies, and various other forms of hospitality.

Our nearest neighbour, the UK, values its night-time economy at £66 billion per year.

It is impossible however, to measure the night-time economy’s worth in Ireland, given the heavy restrictions placed on night-time businesses.

To achieve growth in the night-time industry, a complete rethink of our licensing laws and structure around them needs to take place.

There is a lack of clarity running through the licensing system in Ireland, with regulations that can vastly differ from county to county.

Unlike our European counterparts, Ireland lacks a specific set of decision-makers in relation to night-time events and licensing, with limited initiatives in place to enhance the night-time economy.

As a starting point, Give Us The Night (GUTN) believe that a night-time commission/advisory group should be established in each major city as soon as possible.

These groups can provide expert knowledge as well as recommendations on the local night-time economy, based on a range of research and consumer feedback.

GUTN welcome the establishment of a Night Mayor (Maor Oíche) in each major city. A Night Mayor (or equivalent individual such as ‘Night Czar’ or ‘Night-Time Economy Advisor’) has been established in cities across the world including London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and New York to great effect.

A Night Mayor can act as a liaison between stakeholders in the night-time industry. The Night Mayor would work alongside the Lord Mayor of that city, the city council, An Garda Síochána, venue operators, and event programmers.

GUTN also believe that the formation of licensing boards within city and county councils would aid the work of the Night Mayor, or alternatively work as stand-alone groups in areas where no Night Mayor exists.

Councils could establish these groups to provide more time, fairness and transparency to licensing application decisions.

This would also devolve more power to local authorities, to make decisions related to their own specific night-time economy.

There could also be a fresh approach to granting occasional licences for one-off music and cultural events of all sizes.

With a growing festival market, we feel that some of these events could provide an opportunity to test extended opening hours in suitable areas on a pilot scheme basis.

Read GUTN’s mandate in full here

Give Us The Night

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22 thoughts on “Take Back The Night

    1. ElPsyKongaroo

      That’s normal. Most domain registrars redact all that information on whois since GDPR came into force.

  1. SOQ

    Too bloody right. Kicking everyone out at the same time is just silly. We are adults not children and before anyone starts about alcohol, people drink very little in clubs, they go to dance, and sober up. Apart from coppers obviously but sure they don’t need a licence

    1. pedeyw

      “people drink very little in clubs, they go to dance, and sober up”
      That’s not true. They drink slightly less. If they drank very little it wouldn’t be worth opening.

      1. rotide

        Spot on. People do drink less alright, hence prices are higher. If people drank very little in clubs, you’d be looking at ibiza prices.

        1. johnny

          Why was your pal Reynolds broke all the time, stiffing vendors and suppliers constantly,simply a crap businessman, the ‘model’ doesn’t work or was eh distracted a lot……

          “I was with John in the Gresham Hotel two weeks before he died and he was cursing everybody.
          “I said, ‘You have to cool down’,


          Bit odd no inquest/autopsy after a perfectly healthy man just drops dead, is the family suing his doctor ?

          1. johnny

            yeah whatever Rob,I’m the resident misogynist on here going on all day about pregnant immigrants and refugees having children in the US,simple he can stay off my comments or expect a response !

            -as the jesus and mary chain sing in dirty water…
            F**k with me and i will F**k with you…….


          2. Rob_G

            Yes, a discussion about licensing laws, of all topics, and you go ahead and bring a man’s untimely death into it; you sure are the one occupying the moral high-ground here…

      2. SOQ

        Well it all depends on the club but what I would define as a real club, of which there are very few in Dublin, is not full of pi$$ heads. Besides, very few go to a club and stand drinking until 6 in the morning elsewhere so no reason to assume it will happen here, especially at those prices.

        1. rotide

          Last time I checked there was no Berghain in dublin and the types of club you’re talking about are few and far between on this island, so the point is basically moot

          1. SOQ

            Chicken and egg surely? Some DJ’s don’t even come here because the laws are so restrictive it is not worth their while.

            Instead of viewing this as an excuse to drink more, I see it as quite the opposite. Right now, everything is geared towards manipulating people into drinking as much as possible, as fast as possible. I wonder what the gaurds view on this would be.

    1. scottser

      it makes perfect sense that alcohol consumers should represent an important lobby in this country

    2. Rob_G

      I don’t mind if it is the vintner’s or club owners behind it; it would be nice if pubs were allowed to stay open a bit later, and if the bus/luas could runa bit later as well to accomodate this

    3. SOQ

      No, at least not as elsewhere goes. Clubs are first and foremost about music and I don’t mean the same 20 pop/rock songs over and over again. ‘Drink more music’ as it is called.

      What is interesting about other places is that because of the commercialisation and stroppy door staff, people are going back to warehouses and out of city centre venues.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Bewleys used to stay open till 3am on Friday and Saturday nights and it created a really good atmosphere of people gathering after their evening out. I would like to see more outlets open at that time which are more relaxed places to gather, eat. have a coffee. nightcap whatever. And definitely 24hr buses and Luas.

    1. SOQ

      Start by licensing alcohol free zones. You want to dance then go for it. Late pubs are the problem, not clubs.

  3. Skeptik

    We can have gay marriage and abortion, but nightclubs that open later than pubs? That’s a step too far..

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