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  1. Eoin

    Telegraph (which supports Tories) – “May faces revolt”

    Guardian (which supports Labour) – “Corbyn faces revolt”

    The Economist – “The mother of all messes”


    BTW, the Sun reckons a no deal Brexit is odds-on favourite from the remaining options with 72 days to go.

    (1) Adopt current draft withdrawal agreement (2) attempt renegotiation with EU of current draft withdrawal agreement (3) Cancel Article 50 notice to leave (4) Seek agreement to extend Article 50 notice to leave (5) Hold a second Brexit referendum (6) Call general election (7) No-deal Brexit crash-out

  2. newsjustin

    More information is needed about this Coombe case. But if the reporting in the Examiner is to be believed, it’s a worrying start for the new legislation. It seems two doctors signed off on an abortion in the case of a child with a fatal foetal abnormality that wasn’t really, actually fatal. Babies are regularly born with organs on the outside. In many cases it’s quite a straightforward procedure to put them back into the right position.

    1. harry

      while we’d probably come to differing conclusions here, I think we can be fairly sure that the case is not as black and white as coppinger presented (indeed, is it ever ?)

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Details NewsJ, details. And you don’t have them. You don’t to what extent, nor which organs, were outside the body. Details my good man, details.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    How do you know it wasn’t fatal? Is that the scuttlebut from the Loveboats who never examined Ms Connors or had access to her medical file?

    1. newsjustin

      I don’t know. But the reportage in the second paragraph of the second column on the front page of the Examiner sows some doubt.

      It would be a shame if pro life campaigners were right all along, that the legislation could be open to abuse/creative interpretation.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        The Examiner “understands”… is nothing more than unsubstantiated gossip. It’s not a statement from the board, the ob/gyns, or Ms Connors who wanted to be pregnant and is only having an abortion on the basis of a diagnosis and a second opinion from 2 professionals in their field. If it “didn’t fall neatly enough” for a FFA diagnosis why did two qualified consultants sign off stating it was fatal? Are they both wrong in their diagnosis?

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      Daisy, close friends of mine had a child with the same abnormality. He survived a whole twelve weeks. Think of it, a whole twelve weeks of extra juicy suffering! Excellent.

      1. Starina

        +1 the absolute misery of it for both parents and child. It’s cruelty to extend their suffering.

  4. Eoin

    And they say Germans can’t do sarcasm!

    Spectrum of senior German politicians and business leaders write an open letter in the Times today imploring the Brits to stay.

    “Sir, Without your great nation, this continent would not be what it is today: a community defined by freedom and prosperity. After the horrors of the second world war, Britain did not give up on us. It has welcomed Germany back as a sovereign nation and a European power. This we, as Germans, have not forgotten and we are grateful.

    Because we realise that the freedom we enjoy as Europeans today has in many ways been built and defended by the British people, we want Britons to know that we respect their choice. And should Britain wish to leave the European Union for good, it will always have friends in Germany and Europe. But Britons should equally know that we believe that no choice is irreversible. Our door will always remain open: Europe is home.

    Britain has become part of who we are as Europeans. And therefore we would miss Britain. We would miss the legendary British black humour and going to the pub after work hours to drink an ale. We would miss tea with milk and driving on the left-hand side of the road. And we would miss seeing the panto at Christmas. But more than anything else, we would miss the British people — our friends across the Channel. We would miss Britain as part of the European Union, especially in these troubled times. Therefore Britons should know: from the bottom of our hearts, we want them to stay.”

  5. Eoin

    “it’s believed the heavily tattooed Parker was an associate of Kinahan cartel dealer Mr Flashy. A source said: “Parker had been to Dubai in recent weeks and was an up and coming drug dealer in the area.”

    Reports the Sun today about the gun attack in Swords last night.

    “Dubai”? Ruled by Mary Robinson and #Marian pals, the Maktoums.

    1. ReproBertie

      Tell us more about how everyone who goes to Dubai is connected with drugs. Do you think Mary Robinson ordered the hit maybe?

  6. Paulus

    Surprised the British tabs didn’t go apeshit over the royal crash – especially with an obvious headline just waiting for an outing: Duke of Hazard!

  7. Paulus

    Surprised the British tabs didn’t go full-on with the royal crash – especially with an obvious headline just waiting for an outing: Duke of Hazard!

  8. Increasing Displacement

    Eoin appears to be another iteration of that English willy troll that was ruining this blog

  9. Johnny

    -this piece in the NYT is the only one worth reading on Brexit:)

    ‘From David Cameron, who recklessly gambled his country’s future on a referendum in order to isolate some whingers in his Conservative party, to the opportunistic Boris Johnson, who jumped on the Brexit bandwagon to secure the prime ministerial chair once warmed by his role model Winston Churchill, and the top-hatted, theatrically retro Jacob Rees-Mogg, whose fund management company has set up an office within the European Union even as he vehemently scorns it, the British political class has offered to the world an astounding spectacle of mendacious, intellectually limited hustlers.‘

    ‘Humiliations in neo-imperialist ventures abroad, followed by the rolling calamity of Brexit at home, have cruelly exposed the bluff of what Hannah Arendt called the “quixotic fools of imperialism.” As partition comes home, threatening bloodshed in Ireland and secession in Scotland, and an unimaginable chaos of no-deal Brexit looms, ordinary British people stand to suffer from the untreatable exit wounds once inflicted by Britain’s bumbling chumocrats on millions of Asians and Africans. More ugly historical ironies may yet waylay Britain on its treacherous road to Brexit. But it is safe to say that a long-cossetted British ruling class has finally come to the end of itself as it was.‘


      1. johnny

        Cheers Cian,have a lovely weekend,it was top online piece at the NYT for a while.The writer is sublime her book the Age of Anger was best book year in 2017 with Slate/NPR and notable on NYT list.She’s one Americas most influential intellectuals.Lots highlights in it,the analogy with Brits leaving India in a mess is wonderfully woven into the piece.

        “Such a pattern of egotistic and destructive behavior by the British elite flabbergasts many people today. But it was already manifest seven decades ago during Britain’s rash exit from India.”

        “Even a columnist for The Economist, an organ of the British elite, now professes dismay over “Oxford chums” who coast through life on “bluff rather than expertise.” “Britain,” the magazine belatedly lamented last month, “is governed by a self-involved clique that rewards group membership above competence and self-confidence above expertise.” In Brexit, the British “chumocracy,” the column declared, “has finally met its Waterloo.”

        1. :-Joe

          +100% hat-tip nod and a wink, bump etc..

          Unfortunately though, the tory elite will continue relentlessly on their mission to recreate little-britain in their image and own fantasy version of a 1970’s Hong Kong tax haven. A fantasy that will most likely become the economic landscape of 1970’s pre-thatcher britain.

          All the while I thought JR Monopoly man just wanted more control and freedom to create the environment to allow deeper expoitation and privatisation and maybe crash the pound for financial benefit.

          The world most definitely does not need another economist reader…


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