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      1. Simplelife

        DPP got the file on Thursday evening and charges are imminent. He had a solid PR team but they cant keep this one quiet any longer

      1. Simplelife

        I just don’t know why one would go around risking it all for a quick thrill? Some people are never happy I suppose

    1. Eoin

      The Times Ireland reports that RTE is facing questions about a document which looks like the running order for Morning Ireland last Friday, being widely circulated online and which names an individual. RTE is not commenting on the document which looks authentic, with lots of details (apart from the naming of the individual) which are correct.

  1. SOQ

    Telegraph sez May wants to rewrite GFA as plan B. Sure that will only take about five years what with all the legal wrangling and then after reaching agreement with the Irish government, having to put it to a referendum in Ireland.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      At this stage, it has to be wilful ignorance on the part of the Tories. The narrative to now would have it that the GFA could be thrown under a bus, and yet they expect to be able to negotiate further international treaties in good faith.

      What nation would trust such a perfidious player?

      A referendum was required to enable the GFA. It seems that the democratic will of the people can be ignored after all, when it’s that of another nation.

      1. SOQ

        More importantly, it would take a referendum to change the GFA.

        So what she would be proposing is that Ireland has a referendum about something the Irish are perfectly fine with as is, in order to prevent the people in Britain.having a final say on Brexit? Yes dear.

        1. Mickey Twopints

          I’m not convinced that it would. It took a referendum to put it together certainly, but the British could tear the whole thing up if they wished. When all is said and done, it’s a contract and the only thing that holds it together is the continued integrity of the signatories.

          1. Eoin

            The Good Friday Agreement is an international peace treaty lodged with the UN. Signed by British and Irish governments and separately, by Northern Irish political parties representing most of the population (DUP weren’t signatories but back in 1998, they were on less than 20%). The Agreement was voted through by 70% in Northern Ireland and 90% in the Republic. It took 10 years to negotiate. It took another 10 years to bed down with decommissioning, reform and recognition of the policing service and the DUP and SF going into government together. It brought a substantial end to a 30 year conflict and led to relative peace since. Northern Ireland has been transformed in the years since.

            The idea that the Agreement could be unilaterally torn up or be substantially amended in the next 67 days is beyond fanciful. But, politically speaking,we are seeing the UK disintegrating before our eyes. We haven’t seen fisticuffs in parliament yet and those zany protesters outside parliament might be good natured enough, but their system is disintegrating and is probably very close to the PONR.

          2. Mickey Twopints



            If the Brits say “Fecku Paddy” and shred their copy of the GFA, what sanctions would they face? Do you think the EU will nuke them into submission or something?

            The lodging of a treaty in a filing cabinet in NY 1007 is to all intents and purposes meaningless if one signatory decides to walk away from it.

          3. Eoin

            It’s a fair point Mickey, ultimately there’s nothing to absolutely stop any party walking away from a peace treaty, just ask Chamberlain and Hitler. I think the UK would be treated as a pariah if it were to unilaterally repudiate the Good Friday Agreement, and it would be in an impossible moral position if widespread violence or even war were to resume.

            I honestly can’t see this proposal going anywhere and Theresa May has this morning dismissed it, it seems. It does serve to remind us though how desperate that political bubble is in the UK.

  2. Giggidygoo

    FG will introduce any water charges at their peril. Posh Boy Yoghan may think he’s smart with his last deed before being moved on from housing ( same as Septic Phil being moved from Environment), but memories aren’t that short surely?

          1. scottser

            without having read dr eva’s article, everything that is wrong with us as a species is due to ill-judged veganism and i now believe there is nothing that can’t be cured with a bacon double cheeseburger, including fungal infections and prostate trouble.

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