Say It Ain’t Snow


In the past hour.

Met Éireann has issued a Status Yellow snow-ice alert which will be valid from 9pm tonight until 7pm tomorrow night, saying:

“Icy and slippery conditions expected due to accumulation of ice and snow on untreated surfaces.

“Scattered sleet and snow showers most frequent across Ulster and Connacht will occur but some showers penetrating into central and eastern areas at times with the odd flurry further south.

“Accumulations generally 1-2cm expected. Wintry showers becoming confined to northern areas by late evening.”

Met Éireann warnings

14 thoughts on “Say It Ain’t Snow

  1. millie st murderlark

    It’s cold enough.

    There’s a draft under my desk that had me dreaming of a hot water bottle and a lap blanket.

  2. Gabby

    Alright then, let’s mobilise with facebook and other social media a crowd of 20,000 hardy citizens in the Phoenix Park who will stand for half an hour with hands in the air chanting:
    NO SNOW NO SNOW NO SNOW ad infinitum. If God doesn’t control the weather, perhaps chanting mantras will.

    1. Cian

      Yes. No snow in the North.

      Or perhaps Met Éireann don’t provide the weather ‘warning’ service to those in a different jurisdiction. The weather warning system is very important – and these should only be one organisation responsible for issuing them – otherwise you could get conflicting warnings.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Wha’ how ‘ ya now there Nidgie

        must’a bin fierce busy for lads ta’ have missed this one

        But glad I’m the 1st +1

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