This afternoon.

Anti-eviction activist Ben Gilroy was jailed last week for three months over failure to comply with a High Court order to complete 80 hours community service after he admitted criminal contempt.

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9 thoughts on “Free Ben

  1. RuilleBuille

    Surprised the courts could jail a ‘Freemen on the Land’. lol.

    Gilroy’s spokesperson said “No comma”.

    1. Ron

      Don’t know anything about the guy. Don’t know what his agenda is, but that Twitter account seems to be a little sinister! Did someone take the time to launch a very personal campaign against Gilroy. Someone is organised enough to go to great lengths to discredit him it seems. If he is so irrelevant as people suggest why would someone go to such great lengths? They seem to have a lot of time on their hands to devote to this also! Is someone concerned he might be seen as a figurehead for the millions of people in this country who have been abandoned by the Government. So many questions.

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