Ireland Today Reasserts Her Historic Nationhood


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10 thoughts on “Ireland Today Reasserts Her Historic Nationhood

  1. johnny

    Looks like cracking read on DOB-sadly there is a time delay between print and online, but looking forward to reading it.This is by far my favorite Irish news source/publication,was concerned for it, with the passing of founder John Mulcachy but its still going strong.Its less than the price of a cup of coffee,can’t recommend it highly enough-cheers Bodger for posting this.

  2. Gabby

    None of the First Dail members is wearing a pink shirt, a peaked cap or a long dress. Every one of them wears a tie. There are no blueshirts evident either. If there was a third-class train allowance, what was the bicycle allowance like? Mick Collins was a great man for the bike around Dublin during the War of Independence. He could repair a puncture or two in a jiffy.

    1. Dhaughton99

      That what the new water meters media push is all about.
      I also notice that Actavo are now in charge of the parking meters in Dublin.

  3. Ads

    Can’t see Madame in that picture. (Why do people pronounce her name so oddly now? It was pronounced markuhvitch, not vicks or vits.) only one in that Dail who stood for what they’d fought for – and why wouldn’t she; she was the one who started the revolution, in a room behind an egg shop in Camden Street.

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