This morning.

‘Night Nurse’ writes:

Seriously?  This is their angle?

Thousands of patients put at risk as nurses go on strike (

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  1. Fact Checker

    It’s not an issue of fact, it’s an issue of emphasis.

    Patient care will inevitably suffer if healthcare staff are on strike.

          1. Bruce_Wee

            The revenue the government gives to papers through advertising has to be protected. …Can’t upset the over lords…Another angle is to pay people who save lives on a daily basis a fair wage

  2. Smith

    Indo winkers! Can just imagine that ginger tumour Fionnann sucking on redacted’s teet, frothing at the mouth.

    1. Cathal

      Poor Beaker never had an original idea in his life, prints any poopy his owner pushes. Will be lost when the Indo goes under

  3. Martco

    yeah well what do you expect?
    RTE & usual suspects will be on the attack for party & country (as they see it)

    it’ll descend into the usual argument about a persons worth (fockssake I’m an orketeckt & I only get…etc)

    it’s just the same old show on my radio

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    INM and RTE are always first out the blocks to condemn underpaid hard workers taking action. The nobilty of Irish media is non-existent. Anyway, I’m just waiting for Cian and Rob Gallagher to come wading in to defend the state. Cmon out you and beat the drum for your government, you uncompassionate party boot lickers.

  5. ollie

    Keep the backstop and UK will crash out with no deal.
    Remove the backstop and UK will get a deal and no hard border

    Watch EU sell Ireland down the river………….yet again.

  6. Alex Francis

    I was in Crumlin this morning.
    We received the same exceptional level of care and professionalism delivered with the same humour and positivity we always do.
    Support the nurses.

    Boycott the Independent and ignore it’s hysterical lies.

  7. Eoin

    The Indo has now removed the article online and if you search for it on Google, it redirects to a separate story which is more editorially favorable to the nurses.

    Of course it’s true patients’ lives are put at risk from this strike and around 10 (19% increase in mortality rate on a guesstimated 50 deaths a day in Irish hospitals) extra people will die today as a direct result of the strike. But patients’ lives are already being put at risk, a nurse this morning said the ratio of patients:nurses was supposed to be 4:1 but it’s 9:1 where he works. If this strike action is successful it will reduce the risks to patients, so this short-term pain will be worth it for the long-term gain.


  8. Liam Deliverance

    Don’t worry about what that rag says, eff all people read it these days as far as I can tell.

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