Bring Me The Heads Of Luke Kelly


From top: Sculptor John Coll with his bust of Luke Kelly; Vera Klute’s head

John writes:

Two statues being unveiled this week of Luke Kelly on the anniversary of this death. I’m particularly impressed with the Vera Klute sculpture. Love how striking the hair (made from 4mm patinated metal) is & she has captured his intensity perfectly….


Rob adds:

Does no one else think the new Luke Kelly statue looks like it’s destined to end up on a spike to ward off other Luke Kellys?

Ah here.

Stop that.

The story behind Dublin’s two new Luke Kelly sculptures (Irish Times)

Pics: Irish Arts Review/Dublin GAA

UPDATE: Thank You For The Days

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29 thoughts on “Bring Me The Heads Of Luke Kelly

  1. Junkface

    Yes, but will it bring the Irish-Fro back into fashion?

    The satin metal finish for the hair is very effective, if a bit spooky looking for sure.

      1. Charlie

        He sings/shouts like a lad who has a nasal infection. It’s a common technique that’s been developed over the years by many others through hard drinking, teary eyed nostalgia and republicanism.

  2. Eoin

    “From top: Sculptor John Coll with his bust of Luke Kelly; Vera Klute’s head”

    Vera has a very masculine head on her!

    Also, is Dublin City Council buying these with our money and if so, why two? How much?

    1. George

      Well the source article is called “The story behind Dublin’s two new Luke Kelly sculptures” so you might start your sleuthing there, Sherlock.

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Let us not forget the busts of Luke and Ronnie in Comiskey’s of Broadstone (some of you have forgotten).
    Local legend has it that if you put your hand into Luke’s mouth, the barman lets a roar at you

    1. rotide

      Some of us know better than to ever trouble the door of that place and are therefore blissfully unaware

    2. Iwerzon

      Its a really nice pub actually, nice owner – great quiz nights and the odd trad session.
      Now the Dominick Inn across the road, I haven’t had the nads to visit it yet.

      1. Paulus

        Ah go on; channel yer inner Bob Hope and ask for:
        “Milk .. (cowboys snigger). . . in a dirty glass”

      2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        T O’Brennan’s a little further down is definitely worth a visit. Two glasses of wine & a cheese board for 20. A little bit of F&B’s on Dominick St. And always brilliant music (if you’re me, or imitate my taste)

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