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  1. kerryview

    The Daily Express is so up to date – if the date was 25th January 2019. Ah well, they’re backing britain and it sells for 60p (around 4c)

      1. kerryview

        If you think the Express is worth more than 4 cent, then fair play to you. It must be obvious to everyone that 4c does not convert to 60p.

  2. SOQ

    In some non Brexit news- HP has voted to ban bad weather- May to now fly to upper atmosphere to demand less heat waves with an absolute red line of no sub zero temperatures for Britain.

  3. Giggidygoo

    Web / internet lads have a duty of care? Quite right. They should have. After all it is them that are giving the means to criminals etc. to ply their trade. For instance, if you knowingly loan your car in the knoweledge that the users are going to carry out a crime, then doesn’t that make you an accomplice or similar?

    1. milk teeth

      I never get this. If a normal person had servers full of illegal porn or graphic images you’d be locked up but if google or Facebook have them its apparently fine.

      That and their obsession with anything slightly sexy being bad but beheading being OK (those american morals are a bit squawked and I wish they weren’t being forced on the rest of the world).

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Speaking of American morals… look up the Governor of Virginia and his recent comments on abortion… jaw dropping!


        “The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.” ….as to whether the infant should be terminated.

        That’s not abortion, that’s infanticide.

  4. Eoin

    Former Limerick-based Garda (no name or rank given to protect the victim) found guilty of a serious sexual assault on a 10-year old. He’s been released on bail pending a sentencing hearing, there was no objection to bail from the State.

    I bet if the Garda had been a sergeant from Cavan, the Indo would have found a way to identify him. I wonder has this convicted Garda (of undetermined rank) been a source for info for journalists?

  5. Eoin

    “Officials from the European Commission are due in Dublin next week to discuss preparations for a no-deal Brexit, as preparations for a British crash-out intensify across the EU.

    EU official and diplomatic sources said while support for Ireland would remain strong and consistent in the weeks ahead, the logic of the situation was that Ireland would come under pressure on the backstop”

    Reports Pat Leahy in the Irish Times today. I wonder if the Romanians are all that bothered about Ireland’s backstop if the alternative is a no deal and their supply of Johnny Walker will become more expensive.

    1. bisted

      …sadly, looks like brexit is not going to happen…every bulletin brings news that the can has been tee’d up and the only question is who is going to kick it first and how far…now where did I leave that fudge…

  6. Eoin

    A man is stabbed (“butchered”, say some) in east Belfast by people who the family accuses of being in the UVF.

    The east Belfast UVF issues a statement to the media which doesn’t condemn the killing, just says it doesn’t support it and it won’t protect the killers. No call for cooperation with PSNI investigation.

    It’s 2019. Imagine if the provisional IRA were to issue a statement in similar circumstances. Charlie Flanagan, FG and FF would be hitting the roof. And yet, as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, the Irish govt has nothing whatsoever to say about the UVF being intact 20 years after the agreement, and, by most accounts, and particularly the family of the dead man in Belfast, criminally active. Nothing.

    1. SOQ

      British Intelligence Services operating in NI have always acted as an umbrella over loyalist paramilitaries. There is nothing new in that, it is well documented.

      For the most part, they can still do what they want.

    2. Cian

      Eoin, you’re mistaken. The UVF did condemn this attack:

      In a statement released to the Irish News yesterday using a codeword, the UVF said it was currently “seeking answers as to who carried out this attack” and “wholeheartedly condemned” the actions of those responsible.

      The terror group said that whoever carried out the Ogle murder “did not do it in the name of loyalism or the UVF”.

      The statement continued: “Actions of this sort undermine the positive transformation which is taking place with the organisation and we distance ourselves from the appalling act on a popular member of out local community. We send heartfelt condolences to the wider family circle.”


      1. Eoin

        You’re right Cian, I missed the “wholeheartedly condemned” part of their statement. They still didn’t encourage cooperation with the PSNI, they sinisterly say “they’re carrying out their own enquiries”. The basic point remains though, why is the UVF still around (the IRA is as well according to the Chief Constable) AND issuing statements, especially when they’re widely accused of criminality – drug dealing, extortion, punishment beatings and now, murder. And why is the Irish govt as co-guarantor of the peace treaty staying silent?

  7. Eoin

    The US govt has decided to sanction Venezuela’s state oil company and its operations in the USA. Fine, you might say, that’s consistent with the US position on the Venezuelan govt.

    But hang on a second, the US says the oil company can still supply oil to the US but it must put any proceeds from sales into a designated bank account in the US which the US is effectively freezing.

    Imagine that sort of mafia-like carry-on if Putin were to do that in Russia. “Yes, Ireland, you can continue to supply us with beef, but you must put the revenue in a bank account in Moscow and you can’t withdraw it and we might confiscate it in future”

  8. Papi

    Honest question, and no disrespect intended, but is Eoin/Johnny Hamptons et al, another news site piggybacking on this news site?
    Cos quotes are cool and all that, but ye do just be parroting the articles ad nauseum.

    Maybe it’s just me….

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