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Construction work on the National Children’s Hospital earlier this month

The final cost of the new national children’s hospital could exceed €2 billion, the Public Accounts Committee has heard.

Labour’s health spokesperson Alan Kelly said it is “mind boggling” that up to September last year, the cost of the project was expected to be €983m and four months later it cannot be guaranteed that it will come in under €2bn.

The overall cost of the project has now risen to a total of €1.733bn.

PAC told final cost of children’s hospital could be over €2bn (RTÉ)


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30 thoughts on “Pick A Number

  1. jason

    same predicted old bullcrap, just watched the movie Vice. I think all politicians are cut from the same depressingly greedy cloth.

  2. SOQ

    How in God’s name can that be justified?

    At a time when the people who are supposed to be staffing it are striking to be treated the same as their peers in other countries?

  3. Cian

    This is awful. Truly awful.

    Saying that, there is confusion as to what is included in these figures.
    The building has gone from €983m to €1.433bn (an increase of 46%) – which is bonkers.

    The other part is the kitting out the hospital – I don’t know what that was originally supposed to be, or how much it has gone up.

    1. Dr.Fart MD

      obviously not the responsibilty of whichever ever gov. department you work in, Cian. Otherwise you’d be stoically defending it. WHich dept. do you work in out of curiosity?

      1. Cian

        Um. For the record I don’t work for any department or am a member, or have ever been , of any political party.

        What about you?

    2. realPolithicks

      The usual deflection attempt from cian, the cost of this building has actually gone from 650m to well north of 1.7b which is an increase of approx 170% and counting. The final cost of this white elephant will be well over 2 billion euro which frankly says to me that its time to call a halt and reevaluate whats going on. They can’t find any money to pay the nurses but apparently have unlimited amounts of money to spend on this hospital and when the damn thing does eventually open they won’t be able to staff it because they’ll tell you they can’t afford to pay the nurses. The only thing this debacle is missing (so far) is involvement from fg chief backer [he who must not be named].

  4. postmanpat

    Hummmm. It’s as if construction firms acted unscrupulously. Well at least people have jobs I guess. Well… the hard up executives will get 90% the money but a wee trickle down will employ some lads with wheelbarrows for a year or so before the company planned bankruptcy comes into effect and the owners put themselves out of reach of any prosecution, I hope all those youngfella workers put some money away and don’t squander it all in town every weekend getting sloshed, paying into normal pubs again since Q3 2018 (yes were back baby!!! JAGERBOMBS!!!) loosing their safepass cards and freaking out to the safepass card office every monday morning complaining that they cant work without it and they need the money for not-drink. I do hope the firms , contractors and sub contractors see this 1.733 billion figure and remember it is a Children’s hospital the public need and don’t see a cynical opportunity to pad some bills thinking (knowing) no one will notice an extra thousand here and there. everyone else is getting paid, why not them too? 1.733 billion / 1.743 billion what’s the difference? Its an abstraction at this stage and the foreman need a bouncy castle and clowns for the communion party to keep up with the jones’ down the street. Risk of getting caught? Slim, If caught , risk of prosecution? Slim, If prosecuted: risk of a fine ? Slim , after all, you cant get money they moved to a safe place, so on paper they are broke. risk of a prison sentence? At you kidding me? PAC have tipped off all these “temporary” businesses (planned bankruptcy remember ) to the fact that the budget will balloon to 2 billion. So send in those phony massaged invoices. The public are lubed up and already bending over and spreading those red cheeks. 2 billion? / 2.2 billion? , what’s the difference? You gonna get paid. The wife needs a new Range Rover (bought with cash and she might want to park that in her sisters driveway in a couple of years time for a few months until the tribunal blows over ,wink wink )

    1. postmanpat

      Probably contracts in place and a crack team of transnational morally bankrupt eager beaver solicitors would jump in to sue the pants of the state for any breach . (no they don’t care that its a Children’s hospital either) . What’s more likely to happen? The politicians step in and change laws so we don’t get too badly sued and take a little hit to the tune of scores of millions , take our licks, and go back to square one having learned an expensive valuable lesson we will “never” make again. OR , The politicians take the easy way out and go ahead with the plans and they try to take a piece of the pie for themselves? The country should be out on the streets , up in arms calling for this to be cancelled. But the politicians wore us out with 2 smoke screen referendums in as many years. no one has the energy anymore.

    2. Cian

      the new Children’s Hospital fiasco have been going on for decades. It was mooted originally in 1993; In 2006 it resurfaced, and was to be built at the Mater…. that died a death, and then in 2012 it was moved to James. We could stop it now. And then, perhaps, in 2040 we’ll actually build it.

    1. postmanpat

      “Award Winning”? ohhhhh fancy!! I don’t think any of them at going to win a trophy next time! The consolation prize is 1 BIllion euros so I’m sure they’ll be happy enough with that instead.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      “Design of Paediatric Outpatient & Urgent Care Centres”
      If you look under that section, you’ll see they couldn’t even design the paragraph sequence correctly. Unbelievable. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

  5. fez

    Maybe they should use decent sized skips to save money, wouldn’t even fit a mattress and a BMX in them tiny ones

  6. dav

    ah yes the “responsible” governing and “making the tough decisions” that the blushirts spew about..
    they are nothing more than ff-lite

  7. Dr.Fart MD

    have this gov. done anything successfully in their tenure? genuinely. i really can’t think of anything. and dont say repealing the 9th amendment, they were mostly against it until they saw most of the population were for it. same with marriage ref. even varadkar was against that previously.

    1. Cian

      Apart from repealing the 8th?the employment of 400000 more people? Being I charge as unemployment drops by.half? Turning a 17bn dedicit into a surplus.?

      No. Nothing at all.

  8. phil

    People seem to think something went wrong , all this is by design … As far as I can see this is the process is like all the other processes we have.

    1) Big project is mooted
    2) goes to tender, has to be open because of EU rules…
    3) European companies show interest
    4) Irish company low balls the tender probably by 1/2 what it would take the European company to complete , European companies either run in disgust or back away quietly , remembering what their mates told them about the wild west.
    5) Cast Iron contracts are signed
    6) Some time passes , Irish company now points out a number of unexpected gotyas , now requote for x3 times what the European company would have agreed on.
    7) Politicians wring they hands and look very disappointed, but we are told nothing can be done.

    5 years after completion we will be told there are problems, possibly shortcuts taken , substandard materials etc… and then another big bill

    1. Shayna

      Unfortunately, you’re right Phil. I’ve been around lots of quantity surveyors in my time – this is terrible. The sums don’t add up. In The North – money is set aside to pay off Loyalist Paramilitary types to dig ground – in The Republic, similar money is paid to Politicians. The ghost estates – do they still exist, it’s been a while since I’ve visited – a huge one in Swords – Kildare, similar – and there’s a housing crisis? Perhaps politicians should stay out of it. I’m going to Israel/Palestine for a bit, I’ll be digging for water, fixing roofs – I’m apparently a builder of sorts – in Ireland, water and a roof is taken for granted. A children’s hospital in the capital – shame!

  9. Eoin

    Earlier this week, HRH Leo corrected a politician who was claiming the NCH was the most expensive hospital in the world. Nooooo! It’s the second most expensive in the world. But if the above estimates are correct, not only was Leo’s correction a master stroke of pedantry, but it may turn out Leo wasn’t even correct.

    This was the exchange:

    The Taoiseach: In terms of the facts, the national children’s hospital will not be the most
    expensive hospital in the world; Karolinska in Stockholm alone will cost—–
    Deputy Louise O’Reilly: It is not even built yet.
    Deputy Aengus Ó Snodaigh: Then ours will be the second most expensive hospital in the
    The Taoiseach: —–between €2 billion and €6 billion.
    Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett: The Taoiseach’s researchers worked hard to find that one.
    An Ceann Comhairle: Please allow the Taoiseach to respond.
    The Taoiseach: I do not think that correcting a factual inaccuracy should cause such laughter
    and controversy. It was a factual error.
    Deputy Aengus Ó Snodaigh: Ours will be the second most expensive hospital in the world
    Deputy Brendan Howlin: Can the Taoiseach be so sure of the final costings?

  10. Otis Blue

    And is anyone betting that the rollout of the National Broadband Plan will be any different?

    The anger of the cost overruns form the NCH is fully justified. Still, it’s hard to take seriously Alan Kelly’s concern for the public purse. Wasn’t he the Minister for the Environment that introduced the €100 water ‘conservation’ grant to households which cost almost €100m alone in 2015?


    Mad for the oul trains too, is Alan.


  11. DOC

    The Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden cost 1.6 Billion It opened in 2016 – 1,500 Beds
    The Children’s Hospital Dublin, Ireland cost approx 2 BILLION when it is completed – 500 Beds
    You read that right
    The Irish Hospital will cost more than the Swedish Hospital and yet the Swedish Hospital has ONE THOUSAND more Beds
    And when that figure is raised in the DAIL I can not WAIT to see LEO “Massage” that fact/figure
    All these figures are on Wikipedia if you are inclined/Interested

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