England’s Difficulty


Ah here.

This afternoon.

Across South Dublin city

Ciana Nolan, at Paddy Power, writes

Happy Friday afternoon! As you may have seen today, Paddy Power have created a bit of mischief around the Six Nations clash this weekend.

Ireland vs England, Six Nations 2019: What time is kick-off tomorrow, what TV channel is it on and what is our prediction? (the Telegraph)

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Pics: Karen Morgan

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33 thoughts on “England’s Difficulty

  1. Charlie

    I hate Paddy Power. Is he’s not trying to get down with the kids, he’s got a team of puppets drumming up laddish ideas to squeeze every last penny from the most vulnerable.

    1. Daithi

      Agreed. It is a predatory and exploitative industry. The lack of any kind of effective regulation in this country is a disgrace and speaks volumes about the spineless policy makers in power.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      They don’t squeeze money off anyone. So long as people have an appetite for making money the easy way, not the hard way – Paddy Power and its ilk will exist.

      1. Charlie

        Tell that to the 13 year olds that bet online because PP sells gambling like it’s sexy. And tell it to the 100s of thousands of those in the lower income group who like a pint. It’s no coincidence that there’s regularly a bookies within throwing distance of a pub. PP are the slimey leeches that prey on these people and sell them false hope.

        1. f_lawless

          but isn’t £2.2 million just ‘slap on the wrist’ stuff to a company that makes £480 million in profit a year? It’s not going to address an endemic problem

  2. George

    I hope their “Passport office” gets shut down immediately. They’d love the publicity though.

  3. Pee Pee

    I hate rugby. Hope they get hammered. Rory Best is an out and out pastard for going to that rape trial.

  4. Eoin

    Careful about commenting about Paddy Power, as we know, they study your online profile and behaviour. Anything to weed out those pesky punters who have winning form.

    “Paddy Power Betfair is using confidentiality agreements to halt investigations into its treatment of problem gamblers and other customers who claim that the bookmaker is breaching their privacy rights, The Times can reveal.”


      1. SOQ

        Would you like to expand on when or where within your world view ‘a bunch of slags’ is a compliment?

        Just askin sista.

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