The Abbey Habit



Conor writes;

After all the recent hoohah re the Abbey’ Theatre’s Canadian-produced, West End-bound musical, that employed no Irish based talent.

The Abbey, in their wisdom, are about to present another musical. From Glasgow this time. And again, with no Irish based talent working on or off stage on it.

You couldn’t write it.


Glasgow Girls (Abbey Theatre)

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14 thoughts on “The Abbey Habit

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yeah, odd production for the Abbey. A reflection on the Directors I guess.

      People who are into musicals cannot understand why the entire world is not into musicals.

  1. edalicious

    Those things are often booked years in advance so even if they did have a massive change of heart, they could hardly scrap all their pre-existing bookings.

  2. Johnny

    Great news for London,Ministers Madigan and Cannon,both in financial and leagal difficulties announced 1 million funding yesterday for the London Irish (Arts) Center.

    Cannon hasn’t paid rates on his pub for years,with a judgement for thousands registered against him,he owes hundreds of thousand to AIB,Madigan is the subject of numerous High Court cases by financial institutions,yet here they both are giving away a million of your ‘arts’ money….

  3. Eoin

    I know Conor wants to rouse the little Irelander in me, but all I see is a play full of girls/women (great! #wakingthefeminists) and a big waste of €7-8 million of taxpayers’ money every year on a grant to a single theatre “business” that is hellbent on getting into the property business by developing a very expensive new theatre site. Let Conor and his ilk survive on the box office earnings of the theatre and they’d change their tune pretty damned quickly.

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