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  1. Praetorian

    94 officers commissonied into the Defence Forces….yet the retention of other ranks and ratings is at its lowest in 90yrs.
    Other ranks are struggling to provide for themselves and/or their families by applying for FIS…as public servants who dont have the right to industrial action they are the lowest of the low…Officers,on the other hand,as civil servants have been granted full restoration of pay….in the same vein as ministers,TD’s,senior civil servants,secretarys of Depts…etc,etc….
    94 officers being sent to units with no troops to command.
    21yrs service,9 tours overseas….the Defence Forces is gone to Fupp.

  2. SOQ

    The Indo says that one of the negotiators of the GFA has threatened to take the British government to court over attempts to remove the backstop. Anyone know who that is?

    1. Eoin

      David Trimble, the former leader of the UUP is taking legal action about the backstop, claiming the current draft of the Withdrawal Agreement – the one voted down by the UK parliament – is in conflict with the Good Friday Agreement.

        1. Rep

          No, he is arguing that there can be no backstop. He wants the backstop in the Withdrawal Agreement replaced with the, as yet undefined, “alternative arrangements”.

  3. Eoin

    All the British broadsheets
    British minister, Greg Clark who claimed “there was no chequebook” to keep Nissan in Sunderland producing cars, is now exposed for committing £80 million to the Nissan’s ex-chairman (currently in prison in Japan on charges of serious financial malfeasance at Nissan).

    The offer of £80 million by the British minister was contingent on “positive decision by the Nissan Board to allocate production of the Qashqai and X-Trail models to the Sunderland plant.” Was it illegal state-aid? Was it an outright bribe? Was it just as illegal as the Saudi businessman who helped Nissan hide losses?

    Regardless, Greg Clark either misled parliament or just plain lied about the £80 million.

    The UK really is a whoring cesspit of sleaze.

  4. Eoin

    The London Times reveals

    “Men’s brains may be larger but women hold a trump card in the mental battle of the sexes: their grey matter behaves as if it were three years younger. Scientists measuring the brain activity of more than 200 people found that female brains were more youthful than those of males of the same age”

    Yeah, but they’re larger. Game, set and match.

  5. Eoin

    All turmoil at US vulture Pimco. One of the founders leaves and investors are pulling funds. I sincerely hope ex-FG leader John Bruton is safe in his role as a director.

  6. The Internet Is For Cats

    No news on Snowflakes on the front of the UK Star today and Diana hasn’t been in the front of the Express in ages …

  7. Eoin

    The press in NZ where Irish/English travellers recently wrecked havoc reports.

    Facebook bans the word “gypsy”,”no spelling of the word, not in short form or with deleted letters was being accepted by Facebook”

    A Facebook spokesman responded to the uproar saying “gypsy” is a derogatory term and the politically correct term would be Romani people or Romani.

    This example is a reminder that seemingly commonplace terms for communities of people can still be hate speech, the spokesman told Stuff.

    1. Starina

      i really struggle with that one. I’m still trying to stop saying it. It was a positive term in my family (fairly typical in the states), but I get why people want it to stop being used.

    1. Spud

      Never heard of the poor woman before this.
      Terrible someone in their late 30s could be affected so much by social media like that, if that is what happened.
      4 kids too.
      And I’m sure all her pictures show her beauty off doing wonderful things, but behind the scenes must be another story we don’t see.

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