Dying To Get In


A queue for the car park at The Beaumont Hospital in Dublin

Via Tony McCullagh in The Dublin People

These days, you have to queue just to get into a hospital car park. On two occasions last month, I personally witnessed long tailbacks into Beaumont Hospital’s car park.

Some of the frustrated motorists stuck in their cars may have been visiting sick friends or relatives, but others would have had appointments of varying degrees of urgency to attend.

As a result, there was absolute chaos as people scrambled to find alternative parking in nearby residential areas.

And when I say nearby, I mean at least a 20-minute walk away, heaping further pressure on those already late for appointments. The word fiasco really doesn’t do it justice

Now we have to queue for parking at our hospitals (Tony McCullagh, The Dublin People)

Pic: Darren Kinsella (Dublin People)

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11 thoughts on “Dying To Get In

    1. phil

      I do every time I can , but sometimes my illness is so bad , I have to drive as I can barely walk …

  1. Liam Deliverance

    I wonder what the solution to parking at the worlds most expensive hospital will be like, will there be enough spaces, will you be charged an arm and a leg?

  2. scundered

    five minute walk if you park outside the grounds, find a side street. If they don’t have a sign at the entrance showing the car spaces available, they should get one installed so drivers know what they’re getting into before entering the grounds.

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